Zane Lawhorn

Vision of HOPE for America

I am Zane Lawhorn Republican candidate for Congress and I have a Vision of HOPE for America.

I have real solutions to our problems but it won’t be easy. We will all have to sacrifice. Our children, our grandchildren and future generations are counting on us right now to take action together, without partisan politics. The Biden Democrats are trying to divide us, destroy our values and weaken our nation. They must be stopped. As your representative in Congress here is my vision.


  1. DRILL DRILL DRILL. Step #1.
  2. Re-open and expand imports from our neighbors and friends like Canada, Mexico and Israel.
  3. Stop PRINTING money
  4. High gas prices lead to higher fertilizer costs which leads to higher food costs. Step one to lowering food costs is to reduce the cost to the farmers and for transportation.

PROBLEM: Manufacturing (everything is made elsewhere)

  1. BUILD in America, specifically here in WV. Let’s keep going what our governor and legislators have started and bring JOBS to WV.
  2. Change business climate to bring jobs to WV by lowering taxes on ALL businesses.
  3. 95% of all electric blankets, medications, etc are made outside the US. ITS TIME to bring those jobs back to WV and America.
  4. West Virginia has the coal for steel and power. We have natural gas. ITS TIME to bring manufacturing home and use our resources to create jobs HERE in WV.
  5. Not only does this contribute to lack of good paying jobs, it enlarges our trade deficit and is a NATIONAL SECURITY threat to our long term survival in a world full of conflicts and aggression. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a stark reminder of the evil that prevails in our world. China has made it abundantly clear they are preparing for war with Taiwan and the US. It is only a matter of time before WAR comes. As we pray for peace, we MUST prepare for WAR. Bringing manufacturing home is a vital step to winning the next war.


PROBLEM: Medical Tyranny

  1. End mandates, lockdowns and mask restrictions
  2. Restore the Doctor-Patient relationship, so doctors can do the right thing and prescribe safe and effective treatments instead of forcing dangerous experimental vaccines of the healthy.
  3. Obamacare has increased medical premiums in West Virginia 300%, we must reform our health care system by lowering administrative waste, reduce paperwork, and opening up transparency in pricing. We must remove the influence of BIG PHARM, BIG INSURANCE and our TOO BIG GOVERNMENT.
  4. End ‘certificates of need’ which restrict access and increase costs by reducing competition.


PROBLEM: Fraudulent Elections

  1. The election was stolen from President Trump and the American people and this must never be allowed to happen again.
  2. We must require VOTER IDs with Voter RIN/PINs. Having our state drivers license include our voter ID photo, Voter RIN which is specific for that person’s location along with a PIN number that is only provided by the registrant we can reduce the opportunity for fraud. Our current system is extremely vulnerable to fraud and the last election exposed that truth. This is not a partisan issue, as the current polling of the fraudulent Biden administration shows. Many democrats, libertarians, etc want honest and fair elections as much as republicans. The RIN will have 16 letters and numbers that indicate state, congressional district, senate district and precinct as well as individual characters. The PIN will contain letters and numbers as well and selected privately by the voter.
  3. Elections should be restricted to citizens and proof required to vote.
  4. Instead of Election Day we must expand to Election Period of time to allow as many as possible to be able to vote. During this period, those who can not travel to the polls can make other arrangements. This would allow our military votes to be counted more accurately.

PROBLEM: Out of control government. (The Swamp)

  1. TERM LIMITS! Six years maximum. Let’s put servitude back in our representation. Instead of career politicians who play partisan politics let’s send servants as it was intended to represent, We the People.
  2. BAN LOBBYISTS from the Capitol grounds.
  3. BALANCE the BUDGET. We should be a strong financial nation instead we are a bankrupt country borrowing trillions and trillions of dollars from our enemies.
  4. Protect and fund SOCIAL SECURITY. The government is the problem so we must get the government out of the way. My ACE FUND will do just that. It is a tax deductible, tax exempt individual plan that takes the governments hand out of the money and keeps it out!
  5. Cut congressional benefits and perks. Treat them the SAME as the people.
  6. Hold corrupt politicians ACCOUNTABLE. Release the Epstein List !
  7. Restore justice by reducing the size of agencies like the ‘Justice Dept’ and the ‘FBI’ which have become corrupted at high levels. And while we are at it;
  8. CUT government. Politicians LOVE government, I HATE government. Politicians love to grow the government to give themselves more power, more money (notice how many get rich while in Congress representing you???). We must reduce the government and it’s constant intrusion in our lives. IF the government can tell you what type of light bulb to use in your home that government is TOO BIG. It is time to put our federal government on a DIET by cutting spending, cutting agencies by 20% TO START. And end these ‘private federal’ agencies like the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service, which are NOT government agencies but private corporations looking out for themselves not the people.

PROBLEM: Loss of Rights

  1. Tyrants in big government loves to take our rights. Our country was founded in rebellion to a tyrant king in England. Now we have a tyrant in our White House. Notice how this tyrant is bypassing Congress more than any other president? That is a trend that must be stopped. Congress needs to address EVERY SINGLE executive order.
  2. The SECOND AMENDMENT is the most important amendment we have. It must be defended AT ALL COSTS. And we must restore the rights we have already lost. Without the second amendment we won’t have any other rights that is why every tyrant in government wants to remove YOUR RIGHTS to protect yourself from THEM. Anyone who opposes your right to own and bear arms WITHOUT INFRINGEMENT is a tyrant and an enemy of our republic. Sadly, this includes a large portion of the Biden Democrats who control the democratic party with their liberal socialist anti-American policies. This is why this election is so critical, one vote in Congress could be the difference!
  3. PARENTS RIGHTS must be restored. The public school system is a service to the people NOT the place to dictate rights, medical advice, or life style choices.
  4. Social media must be free. Once a platform becomes a public domain for ideas it must allow freedom of speech. Hopefully, TruthSocial will replace some of the censored liberal medias with honest dialogue. If you don’t agree move on.

PROBLEM: National Security (threats to our sovereignty)

  1. Some of these threats have already been addressed but the greatest threat to our sovereignty is a global ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT we were warned about. We must remain a sovereign nation with our own GOLD and precious metals backed dollar currency.
  2. Avoid CASHLESS SOCIETY. America must maintain a currency system that is not digital and cashless. ALL your rights and privacy are at risk if these are enacted by our government or the world government. Advancements in the introduction of a global Digital ID system for all financial, medical and other transactions are rapidly developing. This must be avoided at all costs. This may not seem like a big threat right now as you deal with rising prices but it is a major threat to your welfare. Your vote or lack of, may be the difference in your future and once this is implemented it is GAME OVER. You won’t be able to do anything without the Swamps permission. NOT ONE THING.
  3. SECURE the BORDER. Illegals are invading our country bringing drugs, disease and crime. Sure, some are innocent people just breaking the law to better themselves. But they are still CRIMINALS. The solution is to remove ALL BENEFITS to being in this country illegally. Come legally or don’t come at all. During this dark time any potential threat to our national security must be addressed immediately. Close the border and if you are here illegally leave.
  4. The Biden Democrats want to weaken our law enforcement in every community in America. I support our law enforcement who keep our communities safe. Anyone who supports defunding the police and releasing criminals is a tyrant committing treason and must be held accountable. We must support our law enforcement and restoring the Second Amendment is a major step in backing up our police. Policies allowing crime must end and criminals held accountable. Our justice system needs an overhaul. Judges who release criminals held accountable. They are not untouchable.

PROBLEM: Spiritual Decline (Great Falling Away)

  1. If there is one solution that is a SOLVE ALL to all our problems, it is the restoration of our relationship to our Creator. This nation was founded for God’s purpose and no vision for the future would be relevant without including our Almighty Father. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is the blueprint for the restoration of America. It is a clear 5 step plan for the people of America to heal our nation. It is not the responsibility or the role of the government to restore America. It is the responsibility and duty of the people. God’s People. This is why I began 40 weeks of prayer for the repentance of America leading up to the general election in November. While it is up to God’s people to take action to restore America, it is also our government leaders who direct the course of a nation. In this election, God’s people must vote for those who will do God’s will. One seat in Congress could be the difference. As we have seen our nation is moving further and further away from God, His commands and His laws. Perversion is rampant, our morals declining and our children murdered on the altar of abortion. America is at a crossroads between Liberty and Tyranny and it is up to YOU to vote according to God’s Will. Please join me in praying for America to REPENT and RETURN to God. Your vote would be appreciated in this election so I can take this message to Washington.

There’s more to my vision but it comes down to the basics. Do you want an honest, transparent representative who will listen to your wishes & concerns? If you are happy with the incumbent then you should vote for them. But ask yourself this question: What has the incumbent done for you in Washington?

As a doctor my primary job is to solve problems. As your congressman, I will use my vision of hope for America to fix the problems we face here in West Virginia and across America. America is SICK. America needs a doctor. And as a doctor I know the greatest doctor of all. JESUS CHRIST.