Zane Lawhorn

I am YOUR voice in Congress

As your Congress representative I will be diligent in voting only for legislation that meets the following requirements;

First the entire legislative bill must be constitutional. I have several West Virginians on my Constitution Advisory Board who will advise me and my staff on the constitutional aspect of every piece of legislation. Without their approval I will note NO.

Second, the legislative bill must not violate God’s law. I will have a prayer circle of believers and pastors who will be asked to pray about the legislation and provide guidance. If the legislation violates God’s law and commands I will vote NO.

Third, if the legislation passes these two requirements then I will provide YOU the voter my impression of the legislation, both Pro’s and Con’s. YOU will then have the opportunity to vote on whether you want me to vote YES or NO. Since I will represent the people of southern West Virginia every resident adult will have the opportunity to voice their opion. I WILL BY YOUR VOICE IN WASHINGTON.

After the election, there will be a link provided that will allow people to register. After verification you will have the opportunity to discuss legislation, your needs, current events, etc directly with me and my staff.

I really will listen to YOU and the will of the people and NOT to the lobbyists who are ruining our country.