Zane Lawhorn

Important Issues

The Importance of the Second Amendment

The Importance of the Second Amendment


We need to put Trump back in the White House.  Gas prices were a lot lower when he was President.  Food was affordable, people had jobs, no mandates, we wouldn’t be on the brink of war with Russia or China for they feared him.  Trump doesn’t need someone to stand behind him.  He needs someone to stand BESIDE him for America.  As your Congressman, I will support the return of the presidency to President Donald Trump to make America great.


Stop letting criminals loose and secure the border.  Send corrupt​ politicians to jail.  Biden is soft on crime but we need to be hard on criminals.  Throw the lobbyists out of the Capitol.  The Biden Democrats are crooks & liars and need to be held ACCOUNTABLE.  Entering the country illegally is a crime it's time to end all benefits and send them home.


Parents have the right to dictate what goes in their children's body & mind.  It is not the public school systems role to raise our children.  Parents have the right to know and to decide what is being taught to their children.


We must return to backing our currency with gold, silver and other precious resources that hold their value.  We must NOT ALLOW our nation to go to a digital/cashless monetary system, especially one that is GLOBAL.  We must maintain our national sovereignty by backing our money with a gold standard.  I have a plan on how to do this that will stabilize our economy and the future of our nation.  This fund will stabilize and fully fund Social Security and Medicare for generations to come when fully implemented.  A CASHLESS society will end with the global ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT having COMPLETE CONTROL over people's lives, what they buy, how they live, what they say, you will need PERMISSION for everything if we allow this to happen.


China, Russia, North Korea and Iran are our enemies.  They can not be trusted as Ukraine has just found out.  With a weak Biden in the White House they are emboldened to strike while our military is being weakened by liberal policies.  Our enemies on the other hand are working hard to build up their military and defenses to attack America.  We have to defend Taiwan, we have no other choice.  WE WILL BE AT WAR with these countries soon.  I expect before the 2024 presidential election.  They know they have a window to attack before President Trump gets re-elected and has time to strengthen and restore our military.  If for no other reason this is why this election is so critical.  One vote One seat could be the difference.

Pro Life

Life begins at conception

Member WVFL

Pro Gun

We must defend the Second Amendment at all costs, and restore rights lost.

Term Limits

I support term limits  6 years preferred, 12 years maximum ( 2 senate terms, 6 House terms) mandatory set out of 2 years.

Covid Criminals

We must make sure we hold the covid criminals ACCOUNTABLE.

Americans FIRST

We must put our people first, illegals go home.


We must protect our miners benefits, safety and create more job opportunities

Social Security & Medicare

We must fully fund both of these benefits and protect them for future generations to come.

Learn more about my ACE FUND which will provide a strong financial foundation for every individual citizen in America and provide stability for our economy from now on.


Our election process must be transparent, secure, and fair for all voters.  

What happened to President Trump must never happen again.