Zane Lawhorn

Pray For America

PRAY: 2 Chronicles 7:14

Hi, I am Dr. Zane Lawhorn and I am running for Congress in West Virginia’s District ONE.

However, this election is not about politics.  America is sick, morally, spiritually, financially and our national security is in grave danger.  Our enemies are getting stronger while Biden’s administration weakens our military.  Our borders are open to criminals, terrorists, those with diseases, deadly drugs, and those who want to live off of Americans.  Many have more rights than citizens!

America needs a doctor.

I was born in West Virginia attended WVU and became an eye doctor in 1985.  I understand first hand the problems with our health care, Medicare and how to create jobs.  As an eye doctor my job is to solve problems.  Sometimes these problems have simple solutions, some are more complicated, some are sight threatening even some are life threatening.  It is my job to solve these problems or to refer to someone who can.  

The people of southern West Virginia deserve the best person in Congress who can represent them.  That is why I ask, what has Carol Miller done for you?  If you are happy and convinced she is the best person to represent you in Congress then she deserves your vote.  IF you are like so many, and want better representation then I ask you give me your consideration.  

One seat in Congress could make the difference in the survival of America.

So I am running to give voters a choice.  I am NOT a politician.  I am not looking for a long career in politics like the incumbent.  I want to serve my country using the talents God has given me for the betterment of southern West Virginia.  

But I am not the solution.  God is.  It is only by returning to our American values that are rooted in God and His son Jesus Christ can this country be saved.  God is the real doctor that America needs!  So I am running a different kind of campaign.  The political arena requires political discourse but the real power lies within the spiritual arena.  

America needs leadership that can address problems and solve them.  That is why I offer my Vision of HOPE for America.  I believe in America.  I believe in the people of southern West Virginia.  I believe the best of America is yet to come.  On February 6th I began the first in a series of 40 weekly prayers focused on the need for America to repent.  Every week I will focus on Scripture that calls our nation back to God.  I ask you join with Christians.  I believe one person can make a difference and I ask you to be the one.  I would welcome the opportunity to come to your church or organization and share the good news!

Dr. Zane Lawhorn
Republican candidate
Congress WV District 1