Zane Lawhorn

Week 11 Of Praying for the Repentance of America

Sunday April 17, Resurrection Sunday

Today I want to touch on 2 verses.  The first is the voice of an angel speaking to us in Matt 28:6

“He is not here:  for He is risen.”   Words spoken directly from God Almighty regarding His son our Lord, Jesus Christ

And the second comes from Acts 16:31 where the disciples are talking to us, “ And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.”

The disciples were Jesus’s witnesses here on earth.  Their message is simple:  believe in Jesus.

He is Risen.  The tomb is empty.  Jesus is our Savior, our Lord and our King.

The governments of this world lie at His feet for He is the KING of kings.

On this day we ask for the repentance, the revival of America we must reflect on what happened that morning 2000 years ago.  Evil was defeated.  The final score has been decided.  Satan has lost and Christ Has WON

We are victors in Christ.  The battle for America while it may seem we are losing really is already won.  

Jesus is our King.  Not the federal government.  Not the president.  Not Congress.  Not even those wizards of evil behind the scenes who ‘think’ they are in charge.

They are wrong,  our country is returning to God because that is God’s plan.

The outcomes of elections are determined according to His will.  

We may make the horse ready for battle, but victory rests with the Lord (Proverbs 21:37)

It is just a matter of time.  Jesus is coming and it won’t be long.  Return America for He is Risen!

Week 11 of 40 weeks of Prayer for the Repentance of America.