Zane Lawhorn

US Senate

January 6th was NOT an insurrection it was a COUP.

January 6th has been called an insurrection when in reality it was a Democratic Socialist coup!  America now has a corrupt and tyrannical government.  Controlled by a left woke puppet and a treasonous friend of our enemies.  The squeakiest wheel gets the grease and unfortunately the Democratic socialists control the main stream media, aka the wheel.  They continue to blame President Donald Trump for an insurrection when they are the ones who planned and executed a coup of our government.  The democratic socialists are not a friend of the people.  They have stolen the People’s government and replaced it with a global elite controlled tyrannical and anti-American administration.

They say that “Trump is a threat to Democracy” when in reality the truth is Trump is a threat to democrats.  And most people I know, understands that.  The democrats lied about the Russian hoax, Ukraine, the ‘laptop’ and they changed the election laws at the last minute to allow their ‘extra votes’ to count.  And then they blamed President Trump for crying foul.  Trump is not the one who raked in millions of dollars from foreign countries running it through a maze of shadow companies.  He hasn’t gotten loan repayments on loans that just don’t seem to have any evidence of existing.  

The MSM is biased beyond any reasonable doubt.  The whole democratic party seems to have become anti-American especially the judges.  Even Democrat Joe Manchin has had to flee from the nonsense in his party.  The corruption is so rampant and out in the open, all we ‘the people’ can do is shake our heads in dis-belief.  It’s so bad that when Biden takes one of his many many vacations, we are HAPPY HE’S GONE!

And if drugs were found in my business the FBI would have taken the whole building apart to find traces of whose it was.  But find drugs in the White House?  Crickets?  Sex videos taped in the halls of Congress?  Crickets?  Bottomline is, we have to STOP THE DEMOCRATS IN POWER FROM STEALING ANOTHER ELECTION.  

And just so the democratic socialists know, when the patriots in America decide to hold an ‘insurrection’ they’re going know it.  Let’s hope we can overcome the wickedness of the democratic socialists through the election process instead.  I could use your vote to get the Tea Party started!


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