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US Senate

The 2024 election for the United States Senate race has biblical consequences. Or perhaps it would be better to say that God’s divine plan will determine the race for the United States Senate. Here in West Virginia where Governor Jim Justice holds a commanding lead in the early polls and across America. God’s people need to look at the prophecy and the Biblical messages for our time. Let’s start with the reborn nation of Israel which had to happen for the last days to be fulfilled.


At this point I hope you understand the urgency of our time. If You still are not be convinced. Having doubts about what I am saying Let’s turn to the nation of Israel. God told us He would restore the nation and after thousands of years He did just that in 1948.

Historically, Israel and the Jews have had many enemies. Nazi Germany and Hitler may come to mind. But one enemy stands out as Israel’s mortal enemy, the Philistines. Remember David & Goliath?

Did you know that when the Roman Emperor re-named the land of Israel, he called it Palestine which is another name for the Philistines!

You see after thousands of years the cycle has returned back to the age-old battle between the Israelites and the Philistines……Hamas, the Palestinians, they are the Philistines.

Still not sure? Still not believing the urgency of our time? Need more convincing?

“Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” –Amos 3:7

And God couldn’t have made it any easier to identify Israel’s enemies. Especially the Palestinians. He colored coded them for you!

Revelation 6:2-8 speaks of the 4 Horsemen of the Apolycalpse.

The colors are WHITE, RED, BLACK, and Pale.

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”

Here’s where it gets interesting.

The ancient Greek word pale is more commonly translated as GREEN.

‘Khloros’ is found in the New Testament 3X translated as GREEN.

WHY is this important?

It just happens (but it is not a mere co-incidence) those are the exact 4 colors of the Palestinian FLAG. And not just for the Philistines….

God color coded Israel’s Islamic enemies. Especially those nations who will unite against Israel in the last days:

Turkey, Iran/Persia, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia

Even past enemies followed the color scheme of White, Red, Black:

Now believe God’s Promise and Go Forth with the urgency of Revival for the Revelation of Jesus Christ is coming.
Look to the sky on April 8th, Praise His Holy Name and commit to honoring the promise of 2 Chronicles 7:14 every day in Revival for America.
Think about this:
Every lost person in America knows a Christian…..Every Christian knows a lost person…..its time to take action in the Revival of Jesus Christ in the hearts of America. Who do you know is lost?
The Heavens declare it! Now GO FORTH and share the revival of Jesus Christ with everyone you can.
I would like to include one more important topic of Prophecy before I discuss why the people of West Virginia should vote for me instead of the career politicians in the United States Senate race.

Are you still not convinced of the urgency of the warning? Still doubt what I say is true? Need more proof? Well, the Bible is full of proof and the evidence of God’s divine plan. So here is more proof that you can actually share in and benefit from if you are willing to invest in God’s Holy Promise.

The Anatomy Code.

Deep in the heart of Israel is a great treasure. There is an anatomy code in the Bible acting as a treasure map to this valuable resource. In the last days it is prophesied that this great treasure will be discovered and recovered. This treasure is in two parts and the first part under the Mediterranean Sea has just recently been discovered!

Placed there by God Himself early in Creation for ‘the Lord divided to the nations their inheritance’ (Deut. 32:8a)

So, what is this treasure? 

OIL !!!!

For most of civilization the focus has been on surface land for agriculture. For 6,000 years people have raised food. Either crops, trees or with livestock to live. Only recently has that changed when OIL was discovered. Changing how we live dramatically with the industrial revolution and modes of travel.

It wasn’t until 1850 that the prophesy “oil out of the flinty rock” (Deut 32:13) could be understood. Technology didn’t come available until the end of the 19th Century. Before, it was beyond conception to drill deep into the earth for resources. Civilization was ‘surface oriented’. So before that time the traditional interpretation of this was oil from olive trees growing in rocky soil. But they ignored the part of the verse that says; “suck honey out of the rock

The Hebrew word for ‘suck’ is the same for the word ‘pump’. And this verse clearly states the honey comes OUT of the rock. A clear indication that it is not from an olive tree but from within the rock itself. Also flinty rock refers to hard and unyielding rock unsuitable for olive trees.

Today the most valuable resource is energy and more specifically fossil fuels: OIL. Every nation is dependent on diesel, jet fuel, gasoline, etc. All kinds of other products as well, plastic for example.

No OIL. No NATION. It’s that critical.

A nation can not defend itself or supply itself with items needed to remain viable without a secure source of oil.

America became a super-power because of our abundance of oil. Unfortunately, that all changed in the 70’s as the balance of power switched to the greater source of energy, the Middel East.

In 1972 oil was $ 2.00/barrel
By 1979 what’s been called the ‘Year of Crisis’ in the oil world. That price per barrel had risen 2,050% to $ 43/barrel. Sending vast quantities of CASH to the Middle East oil producing countries; Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, etc. And at the same time funding Islamic Terrorism in the process.

America’s power and influence began to wane as we now were dependent on rogue nations for our energy needs.

As for Israel, it became a nation in 1948 and has discovered no significant oil. YET.

However, there is an Anatomy Code Prophecy in the Bible that directs explorers to a vast treasure so important it will lead to the nations of the world uniting against God’s chosen people leading to the Gog invasion of Israel and the battle we know of as ARMAGEDDON.

Where God judges the wickedness of these worldly nations.

Will America join in this invasion or will we stand with Israel? God’s People will make that decision. Your vote in the 2024 election could be the deciding vote……

In Israel the land of Joseph is blessed by God. Out of 12 tribal lands only 4 are blessed.

Zebulun, Issachar, Joseph, Asher

Joseph received a double portion through Ephraim & Manasseh

Of these 5 areas of Israel each has a prophecy of great wealth to be discovered.

Clues are coded by anatomy

In Deuternomy 33 The Tribe of Benjamin is included although it is not prophesied for oil. It is part of the anatomy code described as a shoulder. Asher is named as is the head of Joseph. I won’t go into detail here because there are two good books on the subject;

The first book written on this hidden treasure was written by James Spillman and was titled, “The Great Treasure Hunt’, in 1981. A later version is also a good read titled “Breaking the Treasure Code: The Hunt for Israel’s Oil” by James Spillman and Steven Spillman. This book was instrumental in the calling of John Brown who wrote another book and founded the company Zion Oil & Gas.  His book; “The Oil of Israel: Prophecy Being Fulfilled”, relates Spillman’s book to his vision received from God to create an oil exploration company. I highly recommend these books and for all Christians to invest in the promise of great treasure to be discovered. For the benefit of Jerusalem, Israel and yourself. Investing is easy and can be done directly at

These are awesome resources and inexpensive reading for those wishing more details. For over 40 years one man’s calling has been to find this vast resource of oil. His company is called Zion Oil and Gas and every believer should consider investing it this worthwhile cause for the sake of Israel. It won’t be long before oil will be discovered that will change the landscape for oil resources in the world. Zion Oil has the exclusive license to drill near Meggido, where X marks the spot on the treasure map of God’s Holy Word. Thanks to the anatomy code it remains hidden from most eyes until God designated the appointed time for it to be recovered. Just when the nation of Israel will need it most.

It is no co-incidence that Armageddon means mountain of Meggido. Exactly where the Anatomy Code says lies a great oil field that will rival the most oil-rich nations of the world. Ephraim forms the head and Manasseh forms the crown. And the crown is where the hidden treasure lies deep in the ground. Just as foretold by Jacob and Moses. Imagine a pool of oil so large it extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee, lying under the very ground Jesus and His Disciples would have walked during His ministry here on Earth!

No one has more oil than Saudi Arabia the land of Esau. But God chose Jacob over Esau so it is only natural to expect any oil discovery under the land of Jacob to be greater than anything given to Esau.

Saudi Arabia along with Russia and other oil producing nations will be livid when they find out how God has blessed the nation they hate so much. Oil will be the hook that leads Russia to doom, along with the allies who join in the coalition of evil. The battle of Armageddon will be over many issues but the straw that breaks the camel’s back will be the discovery of a massive oil field. One so large God placed an Anatomy Code in His Word of God to mark the spot with a giant X. Praise His glorious and Holy Name!

Join me in investing in God’s promise in Zion Oil & Gas

The liberal left will hate Israel even more. That is why voting for the right candidate in this election is so critical. We cannot allow the liberal left to control the United States Senate or the presidency in the White House. Biden has to go and Republicans must take control of the Senate. For the ideology of the Climate Change liberals rejects God’s dominion over our world. Christians know that God sustains His creation. We are caretakers but the ultimate sustenance comes from Him. FOSSIL FUELS ARE NOT THE DEVIL. They are BLESSINGS FROM GOD. We should praise Him for these precious resources. Thank the Lord, for the blessing of West Virginia COAL and GAS. Soon Israel will receive its inheritance of vast quantities of OIL.

Pray America will stand with Israel in these last days against the evil hordes of Armageddon.

Think about it. If God blesses Esau to have the world’s largest oil reserves, why won’t He Bless Israel, His Chosen people even more?

Our leaders must have the foresight to know the biblical implications of these prophecies and their affects on our nation. Governor Jim Justice nor the Congressman Alex Mooney have spoken out on these subjects. That is why this election is so much more important than any in the past.

The Campaign

This election is not about politics, partisan division or electing career politicians. It’s not even about Biden vs Trump or anyone else for that matter. The 2024 election is about the future of America.

One career politician, Congressman Alex Mooney is running for the U.S. Senate and has been endorsed by an anti-Trump PAC pledging TEN MILLION dollars. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that TEN MILLION dollars comes with a lot of strings, ropes and chains. Who will be served? The one pledging TEN MILLION dollars or the people of West Virginia? And claiming to support President Trump while taking millions from a PAC that wants to defeat him won’t be good for West Virginia. While, I have nothing against Congressman Mooney, voters will have to decide if he is their best choice for the future of America.

Here in West Virginia the people need a full-time senator not a part-time senator and a full-time basketball coach. The leading candidate Governor Jim Justice is dominating the early polling. Governor Jim Justice has been an outstanding governor for the state of West Virginia. He has accomplished a lot, brought good paying jobs to the state and defended Constitutional values. And if the election was about past performance, he would continue to be the dominating candidate for the Republican nomination. This election is not about the past it is about the future. The Republican nominee has to be the best candidate with a vision for the future.

Voters will have to consider whether they can best be served in Washington by a man who wants to be basketball coach in Fairlea, West Virginia three months of the year?

From November 21, 2023 WV MetroNews;

Justice ponders remaining as basketball coach if he’s elected to U.S. Senate: ‘We’ll see’

A full SEVEN months after he announced his candidacy he is STILL THINKING about coaching basketball and being a PART TIME UNITED STATES SENATOR!

The people of West Virginia need a senator who will stand up for them over the next 6 long years, not one who has to sit through a speech.

Late 2023 photo of Jim Justice sitting during a highway dedication.

West Virginians need a senator who is financially stable and not distracted by numerous lawsuits.

With our massive national debt continuing to climb our country into insolvency Congress will have to act fast and return to fiscal responsible budgeting. The US has around $ 4 Trillion in assets but the debts and liabilities are around $ 150 Trillion. Effectively, our nation is insolvent unless dire measures are taken ASAP.

Governor Jim Justice has numerous businesses deep in debt with potential personal liability for upwards of $ 300 million dollars perhaps even more. His ability to repay his debts has been questioned numerous times.

“No Ability to Pay”
“The Justice businesses responded by saying they’re broke”

“Justice has dozens of business holdings listed on his annual state ethics disclosures, although a recent US Senate financial disclosure indicated that most earn little, if any, profit.”

11/20/23 WVMetronews
$ 8 Million federal government civil action related to 13 of Justices’ coal companies. “The failure of the Defendants to comply with this order may give rise to appropriate sanctions”
2018 to 2022 more than 130 violations and 50 cessation orders “the violations pose health and safety risks”
Justice companies file $ 1 Billion lawsuit against their banker. The banker has a $ 300 million claim against Justice. 11/13/23 WVMetronews
11/12/23 WVMetrones
“Some of Justice’s most eye-popping debts appear nowhere onSenate financial disclosure.”
“Justics’s financial disclosure for Senate, …..reports between $ 37.5 million and $ 108.1 million in liabilites…”
“This leaves out major debts that have been the subject of financial and legal conflict”
In other words he is in much more financial trouble than he reports to the Federal Election Commission.
“One of the biggest debts came to light through a major international banking collapse. The Wall Street Journal first reported Justice’s personal liability in a story headlined “West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice is Personally Liable for $ 700 Million in Greensill Loans.”
“Another big debt, $300 Million is being claimed by longtime lender Carter Bank & Trust of Virginia.” And is personally guarnteed by Governor Justice along with his wife and son.
10/18/23 (WVMetronews) Justice companies face climax of $ 300 million conflict, hearing on helicopter and penalty with no means to pay.”
“Defendants have no operations, revenues, or unencumbered assets”
“Justice has dozens of business holdings listed on his annual state ethics disclosures, although a recent US Senate financial disclosure indicated that most earn little, if any, profit.”
“No Ability to Pay”
The most striking comment from this article is in responding to a company in Kentucky owing less than $ 200,000 is their response of “The Justice businesses responded by saying they’re broke”
“The fundamental fact of this case remains the same: Plaintiffs have obtained a judgment against Defendants who have no ability to pay”
Now voters should understand why he said he would not SELF-FUND his senate campaign. He owes too much money!
And there are more debts these are just the big ones. Unfortunately, Governor Jim Justice has too many distractions to represent West Virginia in the United States Senate. And that is BEFORE HE WANTS TO COACH BASKETBALL. Which would require him living in West Virginia for a quarter of every year.
One thing the FEC filing shows is that he is not transparent about his debts. Considering the financial problems of the federal government He doesn’t seem to be any better off himself in his own personal finances.
Jim Justice has been accused of being a RINO. His support from the establishment side of the Republican party seems to support this. As Governor, he supported:
BIDEN’S $1.9 Trillion “American Rescue Act” WV Gazette Mail, 2/1/21
BIDEN’S $ 1.2 Trillion non-infrastructure bill WV Gazette Mail, 2/1/21
He even said repealing any of Biden’s spending $ 1.2 Trillion so called Inflation Reduction Act “would be a bad, bad move” Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 4/27/23
Obviously, he is a typical career politician who loves to spend money they don’t have….
IF BIDEN gets re-elected can voters trust Jim Justice to control spending or will he keep on spending like he has before?
It is sadly clear that the Governor can’t handle his own finances so do you really want him in charge of yours?
The career politicians in this senate race ask you for your money so they can spend it on their campaign, THAT’S WHAT POLITICIANS DO—SPEND OTHER PEOPLES MONEY! I say KEEP your hard-earned money and vote for me so I can put MORE MONEY in YOUR pocket where it belongs!
10/14/23 (WVMetronews) “justice says Senate fundraising has positive vibes, despite some turbulence
“Justice,…..again said he will not be contributing big bucks to his own campaign” NO, he wants your money!
Justice is further quoted as saying in the article “From the standpoint of self-funding, I’m not going to do that”
And don’t forget that as Governor, Jim Justice proposed the LARGEST TAX HIKE in West Virginia history, calling it: “the most painless way I can think of to get out of this (economic) mess” (I borrowed this from the Protect Freedom PAC letter from Rand Paul endorsing Congressman Alex Mooney ).

West Virginians do not need a senator distracted by personal problems or threats of bankruptcy. And then there is the question of age. Age is not an issue with me, but for some Jim Justice pushing 80 years old, before the senate term ends will be. This election comes down to the basic questions:

Do you feel the Governor has done enough to help YOU with the issues you face? Like high food prices, gas prices and rising electric rates. Can he be depended on for the next SIX LONG YEARS?

Our people are suffering hardships right now and need someone they can depend on for the next SIX LONG YEARS.

If you have had enough of politicians telling you what is important to them and then breaking promises tell me what is important to you

This is why I am challenging the Governor and other candidates to a LIVE TWO-HOUR DEBATE in front of West Virginians. If the Governor has time to coach basketball, he can find time to debate the issues in front of West Virginia voters.

I paid for this website myself. I am self-funded and are not asking anyone for any money. I say KEEP YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY and vote for the candidate who will SAVE YOU MONEY. America’s future depends on who we elect but most importantly we must restore our relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord, Savior and King. As your senator, I will take the message of REVIVAL to Washington, D.C.

In His service,

Dr. Zane Lawhorn
Republican for West Virginia’s United States Senate seat


Your hard-earned money!

And vote for the candidate who will save you money.

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