Zane Lawhorn

I have a Vision of HOPE for America

I believe you haven’t seen anything yet and that the best of America is yet to come.

Zane Lawhorn

Important Issues

See where Zane stands

Important Issues

See where Zane stands on important issues
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Vision of
HOPE for America

Real solutions for our problems

Vision of
HOPE for America

Our best is yet to come!
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Zane only accepts donations from individuals no special interest groups
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Coutdown to Freedom Day.

The Primary Election is your chance to vote for Freedom.  Freedom from mandates, high prices, high taxes, rising debts, let YOUR VOICE be heard.  If you are happy with the way America is headed then vote for the incumbent.  IF NOT, then vote Zane Lawhorn Congress and have a voice in America’s future. 

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Campaign Principles


Honor God's Law

As a Christian, I will not support any bill that does not honor God's law.  The Bible is clear that those who follow God's law will prosper and the nations that do not will suffer.  America suffers now, because we don't follow God's law.  We must have love and compassion for those who disagree with us, but keep our moral foundations intact.


Americans First

Americans come first.  Illegals go home.  Anyone who comes to this country legally is welcome.  We are a nation of legal immigrants.  However, to come to America illegally is breaking OUR LAWS.  Benefits and services should be reserved for citizens and anyone who is not here legally should be banned from receiving ANY benefit.  I believe in putting AMERICANS FIRST, bringing manufacturing here to BUILD AMERICA and to BUY AMERICAN products.  West Virginia is the perfect state to bring manufacturing jobs to so our people can have good paying jobs.


Follow the Constitution

The Biden Democrats are attacking our Constitutional Rights relentlessly.  Recently, Biden declared that anyone who speaks out against their 'narrative' is a domestic terrorist.  It is imperative our Republic form of government follow the Constitution.  As your voice in Congress, I will not vote for any bill that violates our Constitution.

Crowdfunding Donations


Dr. Lawhorn welcomes your investment in his Vision of HOPE for America.  In order to minimize a contributor’s influence contributions to the campaign are limited to $ 1,000 maximum, well below the Federal maximum.  Also, NO contributions from Pharmaceutical, media, technology or other corporations will be accepted.  I have made a commitment to not waste money in this election, if I did, I wouldn’t be any different than the big-spending politicians.
You can’t solve spending problems by electing the biggest spender!

District One Southern West Virginia

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Protecting our National Security & Sovereignty is my top priority

My campaign is meant to bring a Vision of HOPE for America to the people of southern West Virginia.  Everyone needs hope to endure these dark times of high prices, Covid concerns and the threats of war.  Do not despair, I believe the best of America is yet to come with strong leadership.

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