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Let’s make 2024 the year of REVIVAL in America.

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Let’s make the world better together

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Life begins at conception.

Closed Border

Remove all incentives and benefits, close border and secure it by all means necessary


The Second Amendment is the cornerstone of liberty. I am a Life Member NRA.


I support Israel and a ‘One-State’ Solution for the Promised Land


Coal is the fuel of the present and the future.

Medical Freedom

I support medical freedom, parental rights and the right to say NO vaccines.

Term Limits

I support term limits and signed the pledge.

Campaign Finance

My opponents ask for YOUR MONEY so they can spend it on THEIR campaign. That’s what politicians do—spend OTHER
PEOPLE’S MONEY. I say keep your hard-earned money and vote for me so I can put more money in YOUR pocket where
it belongs!

Pray First

Pre-Order my book to see where I stand on over 100 issues facing America.

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Help us bring the change we’re looking

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Zane Lawhorn

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