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America must put JESUS FIRST

The election of 2024 is the most important election of our lifetime!  Yes, I know you have heard that before.  But I believe this election IS without a doubt the most important.  If Joe Biden and the Democrats win the presidency and the United States Senate this nation will cease to exist.  At least as a Christian nation.

I am running for the United States Senate because I believe that our only hope is to return our country back to Jesus Christ.  We need God and if America continues to rebel against His Holy Word, we will suffer His righteous judgment and be destroyed.  I am not a politician.  If you still believe another big spending career politician is what we need then you have two great choices.  Governor Jim Justice and Congressman Alex Mooney are great candidates.  They share our conservative values and have done a lot for the people of West Virginia.  Sure, they both have their drawbacks.  They are politicians and they both love spending money.  They will fit in up in Washington.  If that is what you really want, you can stop reading right here.

I believe we need someone with a fresh perspective and a different type of senator.  If I am elected, I will work to SAVE YOU MONEY.  I will work to eliminate all incentives for illegal immigrants to want to come to America.  NO MORE FREE stuff!  And I will work to CLOSE THE BORDER to illegals and see that it is defended.  We must stop the invasion of our country of enemies and dangerous drugs.  I will work with President Trump to do what it takes to restore our economy and make America great again.  In order to do that though we must put JESUS FIRST in America.  Making policy changes while our nation is in rebellion against God will accomplish nothing.  We need a Revival and I ask you to join in making 2024 the YEAR OF REVIVAL.  Let’s make this year the year we, as God’s People, turn back to Jesus Christ as instructed in 2nd Chronicles 7:14.  We are witnesses to the warnings God has been sending (click here for details on how the solar eclipses are bad omens for America)

We must act to heed those warnings. By praying first in humility. Seeking God’s face in repentance and turning from our wickedness. As your senator, I will work to restore our government to what it was intended to be. FOR THE PEOPLE and ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

All eyes are focused on the presidential race between the baby killing traitor Joe Biden and the greatest American President since Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump. But the senate race is also extremely important. We must have a Republican majority to stop the left agenda from being ramrodded through Congress. Now I will admit that the Republicans in Washington aren’t perfect. Many, like the ones supporting Jim Justice are establishment RINO’s and need to be removed. And hopefully, one day that will happen so true conservative voices can prevail. Until then, we need strong leaders to speak for West Virginians. Not more RINO’s who were democrat then republican and could switch back at any time.

The United States of America is a great country. But we have had horrible leadership in charge of serious decisions. The National Debt is absurd. Thanks to decades of career politicians who love spending money. They love spending OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. That’s how they get elected. When a PAC offers a candidate $ 10 MILLION DOLLARS to get them elected that money comes with a lot of strings, a lot of ropes and a lot of chains. Once elected the big spending politician is going to keep spending. That is why I have taken a vow not to accept ANY OUTSIDE MONEY. If you want to help my campaign then I ask you buy a book. That small contribution will help with expenses but not carry any further obligation. Congressman Alex Mooney is a career politician first in Maryland and then when he moved to West Virginia. Now he is making a career move and will spend millions of other peoples’ money to do it. Which would you rather have? A candidate who saves you money NOW and will continue to do so, or one who spends like a drunken sailor now and while in office? I am running for West Virginia’s open US Senate because I want to put more money back in your wallet. I operate three successful companies and I pay every single bill for each one of them. I don’t have the financial problems like Jim Justice or am in constant legal lawsuits for not paying debts. I consistently pay between $ 100,000 and $ 150,000 every month. I believe in watching every penny and letting the dollars take care of themselves!

America has a lot of problems that must be addressed immediately. Congress and the Biden Administration are not only not addressing any of them, they are in fact making them WORSE. I can’t address all the problems here, but contact me with any issue you have and I will be glad to detail my solution. Click here to comment. I address over 100 issues in my new book, PRAY FIRST. ( I highly recommend you order a copy today). For now, I will address what I believe are the 5 greatest problems facing each and every American whether they are liberal, conservative or just don’t care.

The TOP 5 PROBLEMS facing America are:

1. SPIRITUAL DECAY. When things are dark and you wonder what the future holds, remember God is in control! Jesus is returning soon! The Bible’s prophecy gives us HOPE. Jesus is the light of the world and while darkness may prevail today, that is only for a short time. America belongs to God. Electing more career politicians is not the answer, they are the problem. That is why I am running for the US Senate here in West Virginia. To answer God’s call for Revival in America, beginning right here in West Virginia. God is sending us warnings that our time is growing short. God will not tolerate America’s rebellious wickedness much longer. Read my message to God’s people and watch for the signs in the sky.
ITS TIME we put JESUS FIRST and voters can do that by electing the one candidate that is running a different type of campaign based on service to the people. I am not asking you for a penny just your vote and your prayers.

2. The second greatest problem facing America is the imminent WAR. America is going to war, whether we want it or not. Our enemies are invading us right now. Thousands of enemy warriors have entered our OPEN BORDER and are preparing to attack us right here in our land. We must FINISH THE WALL and CLOSE THE BORDER. This war will affect everyone and every aspect of your lives. Don’t think for a second it won’t happen because it will. And soon. Between the Obama and Biden administrations, our military has been weakened to a dangerous level. Their policies have depleted our ranks in all branches. They have depleted our weaponry reserves and our ammo stockpiles. One local company was providing military products in mass quantities every month. Now, they are almost idle. War is coming and it will be fought here at home and abroad. Within the next 12 months, probably before the end of the year we will see an escalation of conflicts that will drag us into a war of nations against nations and kingdoms against kingdoms. Spiritually, Satan’s kingdom will be in its final battle with the coming Kingdom of God.

China’s leaders have made it clear that they will invade Taiwan. It is not a matter of IF but WHEN. Knowing that America has a weak president they know their time to act is short. If Trump continues to dominate the polling and appears headed to return to the presidency, they will be forced to take action sooner rather than later. President Trump will restore our military to greatness. China knows that. Russia knows it too. Along with Iran and North Korea. The whole world knows that Joe Biden is a weak senile president. The liberals in charge of our government and military are all weak and our enemies know that the time to act is now. With a strong senator from West Virginia standing beside Trump, they will not be victorious. If America is to truly be victorious, we must put Jesus First and vote Republicans in to the majority in the US Senate and put Trump in the White House. Congressman Alex Mooney has had several terms to build our military and he hasn’t accomplished it. Governor Jim Justice is more concerned about coaching basketball and being a part time senator. The clear choice is one who understands the spiritual and the reality of the physical world, and that is me, Zane Lawhorn for US Senate! ITS TIME to stop electing popular candidates and vote for the one who understands domestic and foreign policy.

3. Our relationship with Israel is one of the top problems we face in America. God has made it very clear, whatever you do to Israel, He will do to you. If we bless Israel we will be blessed. If we seek a TWO STATE solution to divide Israel, God will divide us. The current administration obviously does not understand this divine threat to our nation. Fortunately, President Trump does. God has made it clear, that the Palestinians will never have Israel. Hamas and Hezbollah will fail and soon be wiped out. Their “sea to sea” chant will end in sorrow for them. For they fight against God’s chosen people. Joe Biden is a fool to believe any policy that divides Israel will work. The Palestinians do not want a Two State solution! They could have had one in 1948 but refused. Only a complete idiot would think that it is possible now. Their stated slogan infers the wiping Israel off the map. So, it comes down to a ONE STATE SOLUTION, either you support a Palestinian state or Israel. I SUPPORT A ONE STATE SOLUTION WITH THE NATION OF ISRAEL.
Voters should ask every single senate candidate whether they support a ONE STATE or TWO STATE SOLUTION. Only those who support God’s Israel one state solution should be considered for your vote. Otherwise, you are voting against God Himself! So where does Jim Justice stand on the TWO STATE SOLUTION? Where does Alex Mooney stand? Where do the other candidates stand? ZANE LAWHORN STANDS WITH ISRAEL. ITS TIME to ask candidates real questions and expect real answers.

4. SHOW ME THE MONEY! It really doesn’t matter what the government says about the ECONOMY what really matters is what YOUR WALLET SAYS! For many West Virginia voters, how your wallet is affected will determine how you vote. That’s why I make putting more money in YOUR WALLET a top priority. You deserve it. And if you are like me you are tired of hearing about the government sending vast amounts of money to other countries and to illegal immigrants. While our citizens suffer, they are handing out free health care, free cell phone and putting illegals up in luxury hotels at taxpayers’ expense! Our citizens should be the top priority. As your senator I will work for YOU not the government. And not the Republican party. We have too much partisan politics already. What we need is a senator that works FOR THE PEOPLE.
Congressman Mooney has not introduced any ground breaking legislation in Congress to shore up these underfunded important entitlement programs. Governor Jim Justice has had 8 years to make significant changes to help our people like eliminating taxes on entitlement earnings, etc. As governor he has done some great things for West Virginia, no doubt about that. But the bottom-line is our people are still suffering. Taxes on food and food production could have been reduced or eliminated but remains. Businesses still pay taxes on inventory year after year. There is a lot that could be done to help people and Jim Justice just hasn’t done enough.
I have solutions that when implemented will put more money back in the wallets of our people where it belongs. ITS TIME we make the hard decisions necessary to fund Social Security, Medicare and other under-funded liabilities which our people depend on. And do it NOW, before it gets even worse. My ACE FUND is a great long term solution, but we need to take action NOW. As your senator I WILL.

5. ELECTION INTEGRITY must be re-established in our election system.  Honest and transparent elections are vital to our constitutional republic.  The next republican senator must make this a top priority and I will.  We have to STOP THE DEMOCRATS FROM STEALING ELECTIONS.  Unfortunately, Jim Justice has declared his two top priorities (from an email sent by his campaign or on his behalf) as;

Fellow Patriot,

Our race has changed quite a bit, but my priorities for 2024 haven’t changed at all. I’m laser-focused on:

  1. Stopping Chuck Schumer from interfering in West Virginia.
  2. Helping Republicans across the Country win in crucial battleground states.

These priorities may seem simple and obvious, but they will take A LOT of work and even more funding to make happen.


His priorities didn’t mention the Top 5 greatest threats to our future or the threat of a Cashless society, digital currency, the end of the US Dollar as reserve currency, the Fentanyl epidemic, the persecution of Christians in America, or the threat from World passports or the vast number of other problems we face. Instead, he wants to focus on more politics and influencing other parts of the country. And he obviously hasn’t considered our relationship with Jesus Christ and the warnings God is sending America to repent. But he does want to SPEND YOUR MONEY!

We have to stand with Trump and make sure our system is one person one vote. Voter ID required and every vote counted. Every citizen that votes should know their vote will count and the results of the election are accurate. And YOU MUST BE A CITIZEN TO VOTE! To have any questions or doubts about whether the election for the highest office in our land is valid or not is unacceptable. We must restore the integrity of our elections at all levels of government. As your senator I will work to restore your trust in our election process. You can count on me to defend our ELECTORAL COLLEGE system against the liberal left attacks. I was honored to serve the people of West Virginia as an ELECTOR in the 2008 presidential election. I would be honored to have your vote for the Republican nomination for West Virginia’s US Senate seat.

Thank you and may America put Jesus First
Dr. Zane Lawhorn

America has serious problems

electing more career politicians is not the answer

Revival and returning to Jesus Christ is our only HOPE. As your senator, I will take the message of Revival to Washington.

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