Zane Lawhorn

Health Care

Healthcare is such a vital component of everyone’s life it must be addressed in any vision of the future.  As a health care provider for over 35 years, I am knowledgeable in how best to reduce costs.  Obamacare in what was misnamed the Affordable Care Act has done the opposite of what we were told it was to do.  Instead of lowering health care costs it actually raised the cost of premiums and care.  Individual health insurance costs have increased in 40 states since the ACA was enacted.  Only one state has seen a reduction in health care premiums.  Even worse, WEST VIRGINIA has seen premiums TRIPLE.  West Virginia is one of five (5) states that have seen premiums increase by 300% or more.  This is unacceptable and the people of West Virginia deserve better.  Since 2013 when the ACA aka Obamacare was enacted, nothing has been done in Congress to alleviate this cost increase.  

If that wasn’t bad enough, then the pandemic hit.  If we have learned anything from this Covid pandemic it is that the quality of health care and especially those in charge of our health care are extremely important.  A person’s life may just depend on it.  During a pandemic common sense would be to allow any and all treatment options to be considered.  That the doctors would be given freedom to prescribe medications that have merit.  This has not been done, making it easy to question the motives of those in charge.  Drugs used long term safely are now considered to be too dangerous to prescribe for short term use?  Hydroxychloroquine for example, is used by several of my patients and monitored for visual side effects.  I can tell you without a doubt that the vast majority of covid patients could take this medication safely for the five-to-ten-day period required at the recommended dosage.  To prevent and discourage doctors from using this medication is criminal and exposes the malicious intent of those in charge.  

The decision by some ‘elites’ to use medical tyranny as a means to subdue the people is treason.  They understand that medical tyranny is the best method because it is silent, stealth and insidious.  It has caused great fear, turned the brave into cowards and encouraged the masses to seek reliance on authority.  It is a distraction and deceives people.  Like the person who wears a mask while in their car alone…..fear has replaced common sense.  Speaking of masks, no mask is safe for long term use.  Surgical masks are designed to prevent the spilling of blood and bodily fluids NOT the transmission of viruses.  Check out the next hospital news report and notice that the medical personnel in close proximity to infected patients are wearing suits, shields, possibly even breathing apparatuses.  Not just the mask they tell you to wear.  It is all about CONTROL, Dr. Fauci made that very clear when he said “face masks aren’t needed unless an individual was sick and that the coronavirus was able to pass through personal face masks easily.”

One of our Founding Fathers understood then that Medical Tyranny was a great threat to our freedom.  Benjamin Rush said “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of this republic should make special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom.”

Does that sound like lockdowns, mask mandates, and the ultimate prize for the Wizards of Evil pulling the strings of Medical Tyranny……vaccine passports!

Wake up.

What do we have to lose by letting terminal patients try any treatment possible?  As long as they consent.  Or better yet, during a ‘pandemic’ why not try all resources available and actually ENCOURAGE them?  Unless there is a plan to do harm…….

The truth is that some research seems to indicate that the experimental vaccine actually destroys immune function and accelerates cancer tumor growth throughout the body.  And some vaccines are merely placebos in order to allow the vast number of vaccines to be produced and distributed beyond anything imaginable just a few days prior to their release.  This would help explain why so many vaccinated patients still get sick.  Could it be that taking the vaccine actually reduces a person’s health and lifespan?  I know of people who died immediately after receiving the vaccine or shortly thereafter were diagnosed with serious stage versions of cancer.  I have had many patients tell me they were not getting the boosters and not taking any more chances on a failed treatment.  Good for them, build your natural immune system instead.

Honestly, our health care system needs an enema.  Pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and the government have too much authority and influence.  And where has that gotten us?  

The United States has the highest health care costs in the world.  Yet, the U.S. ranks last in access to health care and outcomes among high income countries.  And our LIFE EXPECTANCY is near the bottom.  Our infant mortality rate is even worse!

The bottom line is this:  the people are not getting what they are paying for in our health care system.  But I have the solution.

As a practicing Optometric Physician for over 37 years, I know first-hand the problems our people face with healthcare in America.  And my job as a physician is to fix problems.  My Vision of HOPE for America does just that.  It solves our health care problems and eliminates the problems created prior to and through ObamaCare.  


MEDICARE:  Before Covid hit, Medicare was destined to be completely insolvent by 2025.  Since then, it has only gotten worse.  And what has anyone in Congress done about this major crisis?  NOTHING.

Potential Solutions:  

Any one of these will help to lower health care costs.  I will work to enact several of these to drastically lower health care costs, improve access and make our system the best in the world.    (listed in no particular order)

Reduce unnecessary college requirements so that more students will choose to enter medical school and become primary care doctors.  This will directly affect the massive doctor shortage we have in America.

Eliminate all vaccine mandates.

Reduce the unnecessary burdens on providers and patients (have you read your last Medicare statement????).  The cost to my practice in meeting constantly changing coding rules, documentation rules, etc is excessive.

Transparency in pricing.  Open up health care to competition.  I’m not talking about any Joe off the street doing an MRI but when we have professional businesses that are willing to compete for your business, prices will go down.

Eliminate ‘Certificates of Need’ rules that hinder access to health care and create monopolies that prevent cost savings.

More Hospitals & Less Regulations.  America has been losing thousands of quality hospitals over the last few decades.  In my home county of Mercer, we used to have THREE HOSPITALS now we have ONE.  No wonder they are full during this pandemic.  Reducing the number of hospital beds for the people of southern West Virginia means longer waits, further to drive and of course fewer beds to help recovery time.  I can name 5 hospitals right now in West Virginia we have lost that could be providing quality health care and quality jobs for their communities.  

Ban lobbyists.  I remember a few years back Congress was actually thinking of lowering our reimbursements by 30 or more percent.  By the time the lobbyist were done we got a RAISE !  

Increase Home Health reimbursements.  Patients institutionalized in 2016 paid an average of $ 23,000 for nursing home care.  Those who stayed at home paid only $4519 on average.  Keeping people at home would be a tremendous savings.  Average Medicare recipient that year paid $ 5,460 out of pocket.  This is a huge burden on our Senior Citizens on a fixed income.

Reduce Administrative costs.  Good Grief.  The U.S. has the highest health care costs per person, twice the global average.  Yet, our health benefits are worse than many countries.  We have WAY TOO MANY beaucrats in charge of our health care system.  

Increase Preventative Care, Early Intervention and Natural Intervention.  

Add Health Savings Account to commercial policies that give cash back if not used.  This provides an incentive for people to not spend as much.

And I have a new individual program that I will promote that is tax deductible for contributions AND tax exempt for withdrawals that will protect Medicare and Social Security for generations to come while saving taxpayers money.  It is called the ACE Fund.  

I currently have a Christian medical sharing plan for myself and my wife that costs only $320/month for both of us.  Medicare could help cover that as an option.  Instead of the current ‘Medicare’ premium paid by recipients, I could opt for the Medical Sharing instead.