Episode 3: We need a REVIVAL REVOLUTION in America.

The moral decay must stop in America, we need a Revival to purge the wickedness out of our country, for time is running out. ITS TIME for a Revival Revolution in Almost Heaven West Virginia and all across America. Will you join?

Why Revival? And what is a Revival?

A Revival is not an event or a moment. It is a spark with the heart.

The human heart is know to stray and is in constant need for revival. A returning to God and His ways. Scripture tells us this.

It records periods of sin and devastation followed by periods of revival. The cycle repeats itself during the Old Testament books about the kings of Israel & Judah. Here in America, we are in a period of sin, decadence and abominations.

A period where there are many gods, some from the Old Testament times and some new. We are at the point where we need to either have a Revival or will be destroyed.

So today in this podcast we are praying for God to ignite that spark in our hearts and ignite the church all across America to repentance and Revival in the name of Jesus Christ.

Listen in to learn more;

Every week we will explore God’s Truth as it applies to the United States of America, Israel, Biblical Prophecy and Current Events. We will discuss the importance of God’s urgent warnings being sent to America and how we can save America by using God’s Promise in 2nd Chronicles 7:14. God is merciful but His patience has limits. This podcast will take a look at current events from a Christian perspective as they relate to prophecy in these last days. America’s time to act is running out. God’s Truth is that the moral decay in America must be stopped through a REVIVAL REVOLUTION now!

Join in a weekly podcast as we explore God’s Truth about current events. God has been sending urgent warnings to Christians here in America. Our time to act is running out!

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