Zane Lawhorn

US Senate


The US Border must be closed immediately.  All incentives to be here illegally must stop.  Illegals must be arrested and removed.  Mexico has to be advised to close THEIR border.  WHATEVER IT TAKES.  Close the border, secure it and defend it.  Anyone crossing will be considered an enemy of the United States and treated as such.  

The Federal Government must start enforcing the laws we already have in place and those who refuse will be held accountable.  

Restore trade tariffs on Mexican goods and encourage Mexico’s full co-operation to bring back the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy.

Leave the United Nations and their stupid policy Status of Refugees treaty.

Demand that Central and South America countries detain illegals in their country and co-operate with the return of their citizens.

Close all loopholes in Immigration policies that allow some to remain here in the US.

Anyone caught in America as an illegal and commits any crime will be considered a enemy combatant and will be turned over to the military for processing as a terrorists.

All illegal immigrants will be fined $ 100,000 per person when caught.  All proceeds go to the local law enforcement departments.

Use the military as support for the Border Patrol as needed to stop the flow of illegal immigrants AND dangerous narcotics into America.


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