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US Senate

7 x 7 Signs in the Sky and on the Earth.

The more we learn about the divine significance of this third and final solar eclipse the more we realize America’s time is running out.  Our TWO MINUTE WARNING has begun and the end is in sight.   On August 21, 2017 the first of three solar eclipse warnings traversed America’s sky.  I realized the warning then, […]


The US Border must be closed immediately.  All incentives to be here illegally must stop.  Illegals must be arrested and removed.  Mexico has to be advised to close THEIR border.  WHATEVER IT TAKES.  Close the border, secure it and defend it.  Anyone crossing will be considered an enemy of the United States and treated as […]

$ 95 Billion Dollars

If I was your senator, I would demand we use the $ 95 Billion here in the United States to build Mass Casualty Urgent Care Centers.  In February, Congress voted to send (and borrow) $ 95 Billion aide package to three countries currently in conflict.  This is in addition to a considerable amount of funds […]

January 6th was NOT an insurrection it was a COUP.

January 6th has been called an insurrection when in reality it was a Democratic Socialist coup!  America now has a corrupt and tyrannical government.  Controlled by a left woke puppet and a treasonous friend of our enemies.  The squeakiest wheel gets the grease and unfortunately the Democratic socialists control the main stream media, aka the […]


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