Zane Lawhorn

US Senate

$ 95 Billion Dollars

If I was your senator, I would demand we use the $ 95 Billion here in the United States to build Mass Casualty Urgent Care Centers.  In February, Congress voted to send (and borrow) $ 95 Billion aide package to three countries currently in conflict.  This is in addition to a considerable amount of funds already sent to these and over 150 other countries!

Yet, here in America if a mass casualty event were to occur our health care system would quickly be overwhelmed.  And it is not even a question of IF an event like this will happen but only WHEN.  In my opinion that money would have been better spent preparing our country for the inevitable mass casualty event.  We have limited hospital resources, as the Covid pandemic quickly pointed out, and are sorely inadequately prepared for the next disaster.  

Here in West Virginia; I would build three mass casualty urgent care centers to provide medical care for our people and the 25 million or so living within a short drive.  These centers would only be for citizens of the United States or those here legally.  The eastern panhandle would be an excellent location for the DC area which is a sure target for our enemies.  

Central West Virginia is where a significant portion of our residents live.  And locally, here in Bluefield there is already a great location that is perfect for a facility and it is located in the midst of three colleges and has an outstanding nursing program on site.  

Every state should be provided facilities and necessary equipment to provide mass casualty coverage so that when another epidemic or God forbid a nuclear attack our people can be cared for adequately.  With the threat of war and the potential for nuclear attack this must be done now without delay.  Ninety-five billion dollars would be sufficient to protect our people all across America.  Cutting the financial aide to the 150+ countries we now fund will certainly help do the job.  ITS TIME to get started. 


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