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US Senate

7 x 7 Signs in the Sky and on the Earth.

The more we learn about the divine significance of this third and final solar eclipse the more we realize America’s time is running out.  Our TWO MINUTE WARNING has begun and the end is in sight.  

On August 21, 2017 the first of three solar eclipse warnings traversed America’s sky.  I realized the warning then, but was appalled few others understood.  I have heard only a handful of preachers even mention it.  That eclipse traveled over SEVEN towns/cities named Salem.  Salem is short for Jerusalem.  Co-incidence?  There are too many co-incidences occurring to be a co-incidence!

No, these are God’s divine warnings that America faces His Big Three Judgments; Famine (already started), Diseases (Covid, Alzheimers, Diabetes, Disease X, etc) and war (imminent with Russia, China, the Brics nations, Iran, North Korea, and others).  They have already started and will continue to escalate until either we decide to repent through a Revival of Jesus Christ or, time runs out.  

There are other signs are in the sky as well, do a search for how the planets in our Solar System are aligned as this eclipse crosses our sky.  The solar eclipse in April will also pass over SEVEN uniquely named towns/cities named Ninevah.  Ninevah, you might recall; is the city in the time of Jonah that also experienced a solar eclipse, repented and was saved from destruction.  That is not a co-incidence, that is God recording history so God’s People in America can know we have HOPE.  REPENT AMERICA AND BE SAVED.  

Another sign that some will say is just a co-incidence is the location of Ground Zero for the immigration crisis at our southern border.  Eagle Pass, Texas has been called Ground Zero in the Border War.  Guess where the solar eclipse will enter the U.S.A.?  Yep, Eagle Pass, Texas.  God is so merciful He sends us warnings and signs that just should never be ignored!  It is estimated that the April eclipse will be the most watched astronomical event in our history.  More people will be watching but will their eyes be open to the message?  

And of course, non-believers have another rare event occurring in April that should wake them up.  Two broods of cicadas coming in a very rare 221-year cycle that has not happened since Thomas Jefferson was the President.  Just a co-incidence or a sign from God?  What is missed in all this is that America, all 50 states whether conservative or liberal leaning belong to God.  GOD OWNS AMERICA.  Our land is His and His alone.  We are merely stewards and honestly; we have done a very poor job.  ITS TIME to return America back to God and our KING Jesus Christ.  Like Ninevah, we are given a chance to change the direction of our country, will you join me in doing it?  This election is not about politics.  This election is about the survival of the United States of America.  

Judgment on America began a long time ago.  God has mercifully and patiently began sending us warnings and ‘turn around’ messages for quite some time.  So long in fact, we are almost at the end of His patience……

This third and final solar eclipse in a seven-year period could be our last warning.  We have already experienced a tragic pandemic as one of the three great judgments.  We also are suffering under high food prices, farms going bankrupt and drought ravaging our land.  Our people are suffering tremendously here in the once great America.  Our nation used to be the city shining on a hill for the whole world to see.  The good news is that we still have time to change course and avoid the devastating effects of another World War.  One we might not win without the divine hand of God protecting us from our enemies. But time is running out.  Your vote matters but your prayers matter more.  PRAY FIRST is the solution to all America’s problems.  Read 2nd Chronicles 7:13-14 and do what it says.  YOU HAVE THE GREATEST POWER IN THE UNIVERSE AT YOUR DISPOSAL.  Get down on your knees and use it!

Otherwise, April 8th, 2024 will always be remembered as the DAY of DARKNESS For AMERICA.  


Share this website with every Christian you know.  Listen to the Old Testament prophets like Joel (2:31) and Amos.  Heed the warnings of Jesus in the New Testament (Luke 21:11,25, Revelation 6:12,also in the Gospel’s of Mark and Matthew)  Remember as we celebrate Resurrection Day, that a solar eclipse darkened the skies over Jerusalem as Jesus died for our sins.  Darkness is overcome by the Light of Jesus Christ.  Through repentance and the acceptance of Him as Lord over America.  

God has used solar eclipses before, for good when the nation is obedient like in 1948, 1967 but also for the bad like in 1492 when the Jews were expelled from Spain and Portugal (and America was born to give them haven).  

The April 8, 2024 Great American Solar Eclipse is a new beginning.  What will begin is up to God’s People.  

I for one will be praying for the repentance of America and the restoration of our relationship with our loving Father and His precious son, our KING Jesus Christ.  As your senator, if the people choose, I will take the message of REVIVAL to Washington.


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