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The Seven Year Period from America’s first solar eclipse in 2017 and ending April 2024 has seen an escalation in many events. Some events affect America solely and several have global implications. Here is a list of many of the major milestones, good and bad we have experienced. There are several more and many more to happen yet. As of this writing in early January there is nearly 4 months to go before that warning omen crosses our sky. Look up for thy redemption draws near and the need for REVIVAL grows each day.

  • Roe vs Wade overturned—a Blessing to God’s People and a curse to Satan’s.
  • Bloody Sabbath—on the 50 year Jubilee from the Yom Kippur War, Israel was brutally attacked on October 7, 2023.
  • The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse released. You will read about this in my message to God’s People.
  • The US Embassy moved to Jerusalem. President Trump is the first world leader to openly acknowledge Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. Praise God!
  • Genetically modified coronavirus released on purpose into the world. Patented by global elites years before the pandemic was a planned event to kill off millions of innocent people.
  • Phase Two of the elites plan was the rapid release of a dangerous and untested Covid vaccine, designed to kill off millions more. It’s effects will linger for several years as the resultant health problems shorten people’s lives.
  • American presidential election stolen by anti-American globalists, the Wizards of Evil trying to control the world.
  • Israel turned 70 in 2018 and 73 in 2021 both major milestones in Israel’s history.
  • Jerusalem and Israel now the center of world attention, fulfilling biblical prophecy.
  • The rise of the One World Government out into the open. Supported by globalist organizations like the WEF, WHO, UN, etc., and the current resident in the White House. Along with most democrats in power.
  • Attacks on Christians escalate to unprecedented levels in the modern world.
  • Israel fulfils part of the Anatomy Code treasure discovery with massive offshore natural gas resources. Israel now a large supplier of natural gas to Europe creating a direct conflict with Russia.
  • New star/Nova in 2022. The first of it’s kind witnessed by the naked eye.
  • President Trump withdraws from the Iranian Nuclear Deal in 2018, a false peace document.
  • The Leader of Turkey declares war on Christians and sets goal to re-establish Ottoman Empire by 2023. Although behind schedule, he continues towards his goal with threats to Israel and his support of Hamas.
  • Love grows cold and hatred is rampant. Good is now evil and evil is now good. People are losing their minds and the insanity is mindboggling. The need for the Word of God and Revival is urgent and undeniable.
  • Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, have all gotten closer to uniting against the United States and Israel. Along with North Korea, India, Brazil and a whole host of other countries that God is aligning together for Armageddon.
  • The world has been turned over to the depraved minds in a strong delusion. The whole world has gone mad.
  • The rise of Transgenderism, gender confusion along with children actually being allowed to determine life altering surgeries. The number of people who think they can play God as exploded.
  • Not one but two impeachment inquiries, one proceeded during President Trump’s term and now another one potentially advancing against Joe Biden.

With nearly 4 months to go it is inevitable that additional events and milestones will be reached. The potential for the Ukraine War to spread to surrounding countries along with the conflict in the Middle East, China’s impending invasion of Taiwan, etc., the bottom-line is that we need Jesus in America like never before! Revival is our only hope.

​Updates to the major milestones since the first solar eclipse

# 21.  ‘X’ marks the spot.  If you haven’t noticed the X is quite popular in 2024.  Whether this is a subtle message or a mere co-incidence it is quite remarkable how it has come into play.  Let’s start with China and our impending conflict with them over Taiwan, South China Sea expansion, and some other areas of concern.  Their Leader is Xi.  

And then there is the World Health Organization and their Disease X.  Which they are using to unite countries and over-ride national sovereignty with their World Pandemic Treaty which we must not join.  Recently an asteroid hit the earth mere hours after being spotted.  Nasa confirmed in 20 minutes before it hit.  The asteroid is called Asteroid BX1 2024.  Notice the X?  Of course, if you have read my message, you know that America is about to have a giant X right over our heartland on April 8th.  This is expected to be the most watched solar eclipse ever.  The last time we had a X over America it was in 1812 and there were several earthquakes.  If you are in the path of this eclipse, you might feel a chill as the temperature will drop temporarily 10 degrees (X degrees in Roman numerals).   

Probably just a co-incidence but Twitter has now been renamed X.  The year began with an X Class solar flare!  The year began with an X…..extremely rare solar flares on opposite sides of the sun at that.  Remember the Bible speaks of ‘signs in the sun’.  And coming soon 2 broods of Cicadas are going to emerge this year for the first time in 221 years.  A very rare event indeed.  So what are these 2 broods?  One is Brood 19 known as XIX and the other is known as XIII.  And, they are expected to be the worst in the Midwest, same areas as the solar X.  You can’t make this stuff up folks!  There is a convergence of X’s and with one in the sky right over America has to have serious biblical meaning for our nation.  

#22.  President Nixon made a deal with Saudi Arabia to make the U.S. Dollar the Petrodollar for world trade in petroleum products.  That helped establish the US dollar as the world’s currency.  We even invaded Iraq when Saddem Hussein threatened to stop using the dollar for oil trade.  It’s that critical.  That took place exactly 50 years ago in April.  The 50 year Jubilee returns things back, so it is extremely likely that we will see Saudi Arabia end using the US Dollar for their oil transactions.  This will have dramatic effects on our economy.  This will potentially cause the stock market to crash and hyper-inflation is a real concern.  

Neither Jim Justice or Alex Mooney has made this threat public knowledge.  You probably are hearing about it right now for the first time.  I believe in transparency; you have the right to know what will affect your life.  The BRICS nations are in the process right now adding Saudi Arabia to their organization (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).  It seems our enemies are lining up against us.  

# 23.  The latest USGS National Seismic Hazard Model just released it’s key findings.  In it, we find that nearly 75% of the U.S. could experience damaging earthquake shakings.  The model color coded a map of the U.S. showing areas of likely activity.  If you notice on the map there is a hotspot in the midwest very near the New Madrid faultline.  Now look at the map with the path of the solar eclipse coming in April 2024.  And if we add the 2017 solar eclipse path we see they form an X right over this hotspot.   The report included that “New tools and technology identified nearly 500 additional faults”.  Of course, the west coast remains the hottest spot for damaging earthquakes.  

# 24.  On Bloody Sunday, October 7th, 2023 Hamas brutally attacked the innocent people of Israel.  Cutting off the heads of babies!  Raping the women, setting people on fire while still alive!  Taking captives.  Even Americans fell to their wickedness.  To some informed about the evil of Islam this came as no real surprise.  My best friend wrote to me in 1983 telling me how evil the people in the Middle East were.  And he described some of the horrible ways they torture and kill people.  He himself would die only a couple months later, at the hands of an Islamic Terrorist along with over 200 U.S. Marines in Beirut.  

The evil of the Palestinians knows no bounds.  Yet, a recent article highlighted one of the terror groups spokesman who told why they had invaded Israel.  To stop the Red Heifer event from happening.  If you are not familiar with the Red Heifers, the Jews need the ashes from a perfect Red Heifer two years old to ritually purify the priests for the Third Temple.  There is a scheduled event coming up in April I believe or thereabouts to sacrifice one of the Heifers.  Once this is done, it is the last step before the Third Temple can be built.  With the Hamas leader acknowledging the threat, it is clear that the Muslims believe the prophecy is real enough to invade Israel, otherwise they wouldn’t pay it any attention.  Since the threat remains with 4 of the 5 Texas grown Red Heifers still eligible, the Islamic enemies of Israel will have to attack again if they hope to prevent that last step from happening.  Let’s hope those cows are well protected.  In his speech the mysterious Hamas leader called upon “every Muslim on the face of the earth” to join in the religious war.  

Important to note that it was Christians who brought the heifers to Israel, as this ceremony is important to us as well.  “The return of the mitzvah of the red heifer is described by the Prophet Ezekiel as a stage in the final redemption.”  There have been 9 red heifers burned since the command was given on Mount Sinai in the time of Moses.  It is foretold that the 10th (X) will be used in the time of the MESSIAH.  Jesus will be returning soon and the red heifers are proof that the time is near.  Praise the Lord, Come Lord Jesus!

#25.  While this update doesn’t hold much significance for Americans outside of West Virginia it does for our citizens.  Assets of Governor Jim Justice are starting to be sold off to pay his debts.  This is a sad day for him, his family, and really all West Virginians.  I have great respect for him and what he has done for the Greenbrier Hotel and the county of Greenbrier.  He has employed lots of people, several are my friends.  I wish him no hard.  But the cold reality is, he is not the best candidate for the US Senate term for the next six long years.  He has major financial problems that need his full attention.  The people of West Virginia cannot afford to have a senator distracted by financial problems.  February 6, 2024 WV MetroNews article regarding the Greenbrier Sporting Club lots to be sold at auction to pay off some of Justice’s debts to a bank he apparently owes $ 300 million.  Unless this property generates the full amount, other assets will need to be sold to cover the debt.  

And this is not the only debt he owes.  Couple days later the club filed a lawsuit to stop the auction.  So, the drama for this debt and others continues on and on.  Usually this wouldn’t be front page news but when the person in question is running for an office that is known to have a voice in how the federal government spends money.  Do the voters of West Virginia really want to take a chance with his history?  America needs someone with financial stability and experience cutting expenses to help reduce the debt and balance the federal budget.  Unfortunately, Jim Justice is not the answer.  He will be too distracted.  DO YOU REALLY WANT JIM JUSTICE IN CHARGE OF YOUR MONEY IN WASHINGTON?  West Virginia needs a fresh perspective not another career politician.


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