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Christ is coming.  Are you ready?

Will you know the signs?  Can you tell how close we are to Armageddon?

We are in the Final Days and IT’S TIME to PUT GOD FIRST.  My latest book counts down the 12 major Super Signs that must occur before Christ is revealed and we have already witnessed FIVE !

Events are happening and most people do not know what to expect or what signs to be looking for.  Now you can know what will happen next.  The FINAL COUNTDOWN TO THE KINGDOM is a clear and easy to understand guide to know what to watch for.  Thanks to the prophecy of the Bible we do not have to be caught unaware.  God wants you to know what is about to happen.  Read why you had better be watching and what the penalty is for not.  This book gives every person what they need to know to avoid being damned as an unbeliever on the Day of God’s wrath.  Learn the truth now.


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Because of other obligations speaking engagements are limited to local driving time of two hours or less without special arrangement.  Contact me here.