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Position Statement:  I prefer to work with teachers and lawmakers to improve our current school system.

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I need more information to determine whether Charter Schools will benefit the people of West Virginia. I am not opposed to them, but I am not for them either. I am open to listen to opinions on both sides. However, my personal preference is not to abandon what we have, but to work to improve the schools we do have.

Teachers tell me that they are not free to `teach` like they want. Teachers are squeezed in a vise of government interference. Having the Federal Government mandate standards that are not relevant for our children makes no sense. I believe we need LESS Federal Government and their programs of COMMON CORE, etc. And MORE LOCAL CONTROL. I believe we need to bring back discipline and moral standards. The Bible is clear that if we teach our children `home first and school second` in the proper ways they will not stray from it. Our society needs moral foundations not politics.

I support letting our teachers TEACH. If an alternative solution will do that, then I am willing to listen.

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