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Position Statement:  I strongly oppose the recent ruling by the Supreme Court.

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I can not believe that our country has gotten this low. You do not own your land, you are a tenant only with NO RIGHTS. This is a travesty that cuts to the core of what our nation was founded upon; individual rights. That is no longer the case. The Courts are a sham. There is no justice. Attorneys are both profiting at the people`s expenses. It is all a sham. It is a disgusting insult to the values of what made this nation great. I am FORCED TO SELL A RIGHT OF WAY through my land. How, can I ever get what I want out of the land when I don`t want to sell it? There is NO PRICE THAT CAN COMPENSATE. This is wrong. I have no problem with anyone who wants to sell a ROW through their land, it`s their property and their business. But when I don`t want to sell, why should a corporation be allowed to TAKE it so they can profit?
Congress must overturn this ruling. This issue is a no-brainer. The government of this nation is by the people and FOR the people. Not exclusively for the RICH. Property rights must be protected. As Senator I will fight to overturn this ruling and return property rights back to the rightful owners.

We live by faith, not by sight. Except when dealing with the government. It appears that our Supreme Court has a credibility problem. Who DO they serve? As your Senator I will keep an eye on your rights.
I challenge Senator Byrd and/or Senator Rockefeller to submit legislation to overturn this ruling immediately. The elected representatives of West Virginia must act to protect farmers and landowner rights.

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