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Position Statement:  I oppose the closing of military bases.

Description of Position: 
Reason # 1. For one thing the economic impact would be detrimental in the areas surrounding the bases that have catered to those bases. Closing the base will create additional economic hardships for the local community. Our economy cannot afford to lose the revenue. If specific closings must occur then local communities should be provided with an adequate time period to plan for the revenue change.

Reason # 2. Another concern with base closings is that terrorists would have less bases to target if they wanted to attack. The way it is now, if they want to hit a base in West Virginia they will be able to only do so much damage because some of the planes, for example, are distributed to other bases. With the military equipment spread out, it is harder for the terrorists to do significant damage. Close a base and the terrorists now have a more valuable target. We have to be realistic and know that terrorists are planning attacks here at home. While military targets may not be a top priority I do not believe we should take any chances. I do not trust terrorists to play by our rules. By spreading out our military we make it harder for them to inflict serious damage to our military.

The information provided here is based on the limited knowledge I have access to regarding base closings. The opinion expressed here may need to be adjusted somewhat as new information is obtained. I oppose the closing of military bases unless reliable proof can be provided that would indicate otherwise. I believe we must do everything we can to grow our economy and closing military bases do not benefit the economy. While some local economies would benefit it would be at the expense of several other local economies. The political fallout will be significant as well. I welcome your comments on this issue.

I am very pleased that our Charleston area base was saved. Well done.

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