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Position Statement:  The budget process in Congress is an open joke read the article in the Bluefield Daily Telegraph.

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Lawmakers couldn't agree on a budget in the last 2 years so they spent our tax dollars without one . Spending money without a limit leads to serious problems. Such as an increasing Federal debt. Every newborn in America begins life saddled with $27,847 as his or her share of Uncle Sam s debt . And immigrants can move here for FREE! But don t blame them, it's not their fault. It is the fault of each and every person in America over 18. Some chose not to vote at all. Some chose to vote for the status quo and keep the same big spenders in Congress. While some chose to make a difference. Chosing to elect someone that will speak out against such absurdity. This election could be different. IT'S TIME to vote for Zane Lawhorn. IT'S TIME to elect someone that knows how to balance a checkbook. Business-owners know that to survive you have to keep your spending within a reasonable level. Budgeting makes a difference. IT'S TIME to balance the budget and pay off the debt!

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