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Position Statement:  I support the Right to Carry.

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Violent crimes drop dramatically when the right to carry is allowed. Firearm accidents have dropped to the lowest level since statistics have been gathered. We need legislation that allows armed citizens the right to protect themselves without fear of prosecution or lawsuits by criminals. How absurd can our legal system get?

Homeowners, businessowners and occupants of vehicles should be allowed to presume that when someone breaks in, unlawfully attacks and/or forcibly intrudes that they intend to do harm. Citizens should have the right to use any manner of force to protect themselves, family members and others. And, citizens should not be required to retreat from anywhere they have a right to be. Citizens should have the right to defend themselves without legal issues endangering their lives.

The prosecution of law abiding citizens and civil suits by criminals must be stopped. IT'S TIME to return common sense back to our lawmakers. People have a right to protect their lives and their property. Statistics show that 85% of Americans agree. We need tougher sentences for violent criminals. IT'S TIME to elect Zane Lawhorn.

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