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Position Statement:  I support the federal funding of projects here in the US and to stop the waste of taxpayers money outside the US.

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Loan a country a billion dollars. Forgive the debt. Loan a country ten billion dollars. Forgive the debt. Remove an evil enemy from power at a cost of billions of dollars. Forgive the debt. Pay to rebuild the country.

Why has the United States chosen to be the caretaker of the world? Maybe we are more of a Christian nation then we believe? Helping our allies is a noble decision. Helping out countries that hate us and resent us for it doe not make sense. I believe we need to stop being the caretaker of the world and spend taxpapers money HERE. Building infrastructure. Creating jobs. Supporting our farmers. Supporting our steelworkers. Supporting our coal miners. Supporting our small businesses. ITS TIME to spend our money here at home. I will work hard to stop the waste of our tax dollars and start the funding of projects here in West Virginia.

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Please tell me your constructive opinions on this issue. If you disagree with my position, please provide some facts that support your position. I welcome all comments that are provided in a constructive and informative manner.
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