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Position Statement:  Religion is the foundation of the vast majority of the worlds population.

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Religion and politics. Two subjects that will start a debate quicker than anything. Yet can the two be separated? This country was founded by men who considered religion part of their lives. Of the 55 signers of the Declaration of Independence 52 attended church. Our Christian heritage is part of the very fabric of this nation. Religion and politics cannot be separated as some would like. And it wasn't really intended to be completely separate but that government would allow the freedom to worship free from perscution.

Religion has been part of my life since birth. It is what I am. Religion has been taken out of our schools. And our problems have grown. I was raised with guns in the house. As did my friends. Yet none of us ever thought of bringing them to school to harm someone. I was taught to respect them and treat them properly. We have taken out the positive influence of Religion and replaced it with the influence of a PlayStation!

I support the return of prayer into the schools IF the local school district/county so chooses. No school should have prayer forced upon it. But depending upon the population that decision should be allowed. Majority should rule. We the people. By the people. For the people. The Gettysburg Address has been re-written to the few of us want everybody else to stop what they are doing so we won't be offended Address. IT'S TIME to elect a Senator that will work to add prayer to our schools and to remove the PlayStations.

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