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Position Statement:  I support the return to the traditional moral values upon which this country was founded.

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Senator Byrd wrote a book attacking our President. During a time of war this was inappropriate. It sends the wrong message to our troops. Losing America is an attack on the highest office in our land. A blackmark on a great mans stellar career.

I intend to write a new book. Entitled Finding America--The return to the traditional moral values upon which this country was founded . It will not attack anyone. It will be supportive of the moral values that most Americans hold dear. It will be a positive book reflecting my campaigns promise to avoid negative campaigning. Finding America will be the search for the values that we all know exist but for some reason have been neglected or overlooked. One Nation under God. True today as much as it was in 1776 when 55 men pledged their honor to serve this great nation.

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