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Position Statement:  I support small business owners because I am one.

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I started my practice 20 years ago. Since then I have founded 3 companies and dissolved a couple of those. Success and failures both teach us different things about operating a business in West Virginia. Number one. Don't expect any help from the state government. Number two. The state will make money before you do. Number three. The state has a very poor accounting system to keep track of your tax payments. Keep your records straight and close by.

Small business owners operate over 96% of the businesses in West Virginia. Unfortunately, the tax structure is very complicated and makes operating those businesses difficult. Small businesses just can't afford to have CPA's and tax attorneys. But then, they can't afford not to.

I support small business owners because they are the backbone of the state's business. I know what it is like to operate a business in West Virginia. I understand the problems business faces. I understand why businesses really don t want to come to West Virginia. No Fortune 500 company has there headquarters here. Yet 82 of them do in surrounding states. Only a handful of states don't have at least one. West Virginia is one of them. IT'S TIME to elect a Senator that will support small business-owners. IT'S TIME to bring jobs to West Virginia by taking away some of the burden on small business. Health care needs to be offered in a package that includes small business-owners. The fact is that 90% of businesses fail within the first 5 years. West Virginia needs to change from anti-business to pro-business. Encourage small business owners to succeed. As the businesses succeed they will hire more employees. That creates JOBS. That diversifies the tax base. Everybody wins.

In my wife's business she had to pay worker's comp on herself. When she didn't even get a salary! Every business owner I have spoken to has one thing in common. Each one has a nightmare story to tell about doing business in West Virginia. IT'S TIME to elect a Senator that is Pro-Business. Pro-JOBS. Pro-health care.

Over 4,000 Federal Statutes and numerous regulations are hindering small business growth. According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses '..over 10,000 federal regulations carry criminal penalties. Not just fines. Prision time.' As a business-owner you could go to jail for breaking a regulation you have never even heard of! We are fortunate to have a President that supports small business. IT'S TIME to elect Senators that will work WITH the President to remove the Statutes and regulations that threaten our small businesses. IT'S TIME to elect Zane Lawhorn to the U.S. Senate. A small business-owner that will fight for small business.

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