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Position Statement:  The economy here in West Virginia has been depressed for so long I can not even remember the good ole days!

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The economy is heading for a collapse into a Depression that will be much worse than the Great Depression of the 1930`s. We will soon witness this devastating event here in America that will have many people losing their jobs. The evidence is mounting: The stock market is overpriced and due for a serious correction. The National Debt is unsustainable. Retail stores are closing all across America. The Malls are becoming empty monuments to a past time of prosperity. Businesses are having a harder time competing. Yet, the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates making it harder to obtain financing for new vehicles, new homes and to expand businesses. I understand the economic climate and am the best candidate to help the people of West Virginia endure what comes.
The status of the economy depends on a lot of factors. One of the important ones is the number of jobs, ie people working. The more people employed the better the economy in simple language. It is more complex than that, but the part we can really control to some degree is jobs. Outsourcing of jobs is hurting the American economy. Lack of jobs is hurting the West Virginia economy.

The nations economy is hurt by cheap imports flooding the market. The outsourcing of jobs takes American jobs and moves them overseas. Our steel mills are closed due to cheap steel coming from other countries. What will we do in time of war? Buy steel from our possible enemies?

Economic issues are vital to West Virginia and the USA. Specifically for West Virginia, jobs are needed. Not just a few hundred but thousands of jobs. The best way to create the jobs we need for long term economic growth is through infrastructure improvements. I believe the Congress needs to stop sending tax dollars overseas and invest them here at home. In West Virginia and other states that need vital infrastructure improvements. It is no secret our highways are aging. Improvements and new construction are vital to solid economic growth. ITS TIME to elect a Senator that will work WITH the President and Congress to fund additional highway projects.

West Virginia can vote to make a change in our economy this election. The future requires change. Change that will put our steel mills back into production and profitable. Change that will build additional highways and infrastructure upgrades. The state currently has about 15 Billion dollars in unfunded infrastructure projects. ITS TIME to get that funding. Without increasing taxes. ITS TIME to work WITH small business owners to help them become profitable. Profitable businesses HIRE employees as they grow, creating jobs. ITS TIME to elect a Senator that has business experience and will create jobs. Create jobs and the economy will grow.

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