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Position Statement:  I believe we must do everything in our power to protect the environment.

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Global warming is our punishment for not taking care of the environment. We must protect the wildlife, the land and the waters. West Virginia just lost several hundred jobs May 2005 because a company needed clean water. Pollutants in the water source were not acceptable. And I don t blame them. In fact, I am glad that a food company would want clean water. But the fact remains West Virginia lost more jobs.

The environment is something that every living soul shares and depends upon. If we destroy it, we will pay for it with our very lives. What type of legacy are we leaving for our children? IT'S TIME to clean up the environment.
I first posted twelve years about Global WarNing. Or what the worldly liberals wanted to call Global Warming. Now they clamor for Climate Change because it is more broader. In reality, the world is undergoing changes that are part of God`s divine plan for the formation of a new world. While here we are to be good stewards of the environment. I have fought against the Mountain Valley Pipeline for two reasons. First and foremost the taking of my land for the profit of a private corporation that sells natural gas SOMEWHERE ELSE in the country and overseas is wrong. Second, it is a threat to the land I am to steward. My one spring is dangerously close to and lies below this massive pipeline. Once contaminated it will be useless for human or animal consumption.

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