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Position Statement:  Changes need to be made in how people immigrate to the United States.

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Since the war on terrorism began the rules have changed. America is the target. And innocent people do not matter to them. We must defend our homeland by limited and monitoring who enters the country. Just because you arrive on this shore does not mean you are entitled to the same benefits. My tax dollars have been used for several years to pay for roads, services, etc. Immigrants should be charged a tax/fee upon entering the U.S. A tax would limit the number of immigrants that enter the country and it is only fair that they share in the tax burden. No one should be allowed to work in this country and not pay taxes. Immigrants should be required to learn to speak English. Which is the official language. They also should be expected to accept our customs and religious freedoms. Not convert just accept them as our way of life. ITS TIME to protect our land and limit immigration. Background checks should be mandatory and extensive. Rights should be limited based on the background check. Commit a crime in another country? Restrict or prevent their immigration. ITS TIME to protect OUR rights. I do not believe most immigrants are intending us harm. But I do believe we should protect our rights first and foremost. If they want to immigrate to this country fine. Be prepared to be screened. I have friends who have come here from other countries and I welcome them gladly. For safety of the American people, immigrants should be completely screened and verified before entering the country.

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