Issue:  Highway and Roadway Funding

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Position Statement:  I support the funding of these projects.

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Projects that have local approval need to be funded to create jobs and provide economic development. The Department of Highways needs about $15 Billion Dollars to fund the projects West Virginia needs. So far the funding is only trickling in a few million here and a few million there. The problem is the longer it takes to fund the projects the MORE it costs so these small amounts don t really benefit towards the total cost of the project. Moral boost maybe but we need total funding to create jobs.

I have no intentions of building roads where the local people don t want a road. Local approval by the majority of citizens is necessary. The state has been waiting long enough for this funding. Will Senator Byrd be able to provide it? No. His hostility towards the President and the Republican majority only hinders the state. IT'S TIME to elect a Republican Senator that will work WITH the President and other members of Congress to get the funding West Virginia needs NOW.

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