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Position Statement:  I support our President.

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Every American should support our President during a time of war. It sends the wrong message to our troops not to support the President. Does that mean I agree with him completely? No. And I look forward to working with him on those issues. Veterans benefits for example. Cutting cost is a painful yet important duty and I respect him for making the hard decisions. President Bush has provided strong leadership in very difficult times. Fighting an enemy that you can't see is much more difficult than any other President has ever had to face. His strong moral values are a welcome change. Instead of letting the terrorist camps continue as his predecessor did. President took action and now the terrorists are on the run.

The economy needs attention. Gas prices are out of control. Yet these are not caused by the President. MY SUV is a gas hog. That's my fault not his. But the President can help by promoting tax credits for hybrid vehicle purchase, development of alternate energy sources such as solar and returning some of the Iraqi oil to the U.S. as payment on the war expenses. I have a list for my first opportunity to meet the President. Economic development of West Virginia through infrastructure improvements is at the top of the list. I want to create over 100,000 new jobs in West Virginia. And to do that the President will have to help with the funding. King Coal Highway and other much needed projects have to be a top priority. Delaying projects only adds to the cost. IT'S TIME we elect a Senator that will work WITH THE PRESIDENT to solve problems and create jobs.

I support our President and am thankful he is our leader in these dark days. The response to Hurricane Katrina was slow. But that was NOT the fault of the President. The media has put the blame on his administration either out of complete ignorance or outright intent. Historically, the response to disasters comes from local and state governments. The federal government`s role is as a support role to those government agencies. The federal government does not tax citizens for first response `marshall law` type action. Do we really WANT our federal government taking over every time a local disaster occurs? Who is willing to pay MORE in taxes for this action? The federal budget is not able to pay for this type of response by the federal government. If citizens and the media really want this, then you had better plan on an increase in your tax burden. Somebody has to pay for the expense occurred? Who will it be? The media? No. Taxpayers.

Wasting time and resources playing the blame game is not a solution to the problem. Everybody should take some responsibility and move on. Help is needed now, not wasting time and money blaming someone. Mr. Brown did the right thing by accepting his responsibility and stepping out of the way. Now will others do the same? I doubt it. What is the old saying? The one that complains the loudest, is usually the one to blame? A tradegy of this size has taken all of us by surprise. The best way to help people is to make sure the NEXT time we are more prepared. Blaming people does not solve that problem. To err is human, to keep on erring is to be a politican.

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