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Position Statement:  I support our citizens having access to affordable health care.

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I support our citizens having access to affordable health care IF the person is willing to adjust their life-style to improve their health. Smoking and being overweight leads to many health problems. For example, you know of lung cancer, heart disease and stroke. But did you know that smoking increases your chance of cataracts and macular degeneration?

I support preventative health care coverage for people that will start at an early enough age to monitor and counsel the patient towards a healthy life-style. If you want to smoke then your premiums should be higher because you are going to have more health problems. The big issue facing West Virginia is that 1 out of every 6 does not have any health insurance. Most jobs do not offer health insurance or very little in benefits, making health care un-affordable. Prevention is not even considered as most people will not go to the doctor until they are really sick, nor can they afford to. The first step is to eliminate frivilous lawsuits and use more arbitration. Another step is to create good paying jobs that provide health insurance coverage and have more preventative coverage to reduce the cost of health care treatments.

As a health care provider for over 20 years I have experience on both sides of this issue. I plan to use this experience to help make health care affordable for the 300,000 people without health insurance. In fact, I have promised to refuse Senate provided coverage when elected until access for the 300,000 people without coverage has been obtained. Keep in mind that some of them will have to make some changes in their life, just as I have after certain medical conditions warranted. Change can be good. IT'S TIME to make health care affordable.
Problems with PEIA and other insurance plans reflect the crisis in our health care system that has existed for well over a decade. The solution is simple: Our health care system must become PROACTIVE instead of RE-ACTIVE. Instead of waiting until a person has a disease to intervene our health would be better if we focus on PREVENTION, EARLY INTERVENTION AND NATURAL INTERVENTION.

I do not have health insurance. Instead, my family is enrolled in a Christian cost sharing ministry that has lowered health care costs, reduced `premium` costs and works great. Insurance itself drives up the cost of health care. In addition, 85% of health care costs come from a few chronic diseases that can be prevented, complications reduced with earlier intervention and in some cases treated with natural substances. In my office, we use advanced technology to determine a person`s ability to process sugar `glucose`. This allows us to intervene and discuss lifestyle changes BEFORE DIABETES BEGINS. Recent studies have shown that from the time the disease begins to the time it is diagnosed there is an AVERAGE OF SEVEN YEARS lagtime. This allows the disease to cause damage before treatment even begins. This can be prevented with proper PROACTIVE CARE. I will outline my 12 step plan to lower health care costs in the coming months.

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