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Position Statement:  I support all immigrants having a National ID Card.

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If done properly a national identification card would be beneficial. The question is, will it be done properly? What information would it contain? Who has access? Will it be secure? Too many questions to make an informed decision. But what I do support is a better identification system for foreigners here in the states. With indepth identification methods that can not be tampered with. For example, retinal photography and iris photography should be used to help with identification. As an Optometrist, I know that these retinaprints and irisprints can not be altered without major surgery. With a national database it would not be difficult to match up these identification items. Especially, when used with other identifying marks, etc. With terrorism a reality even citizens of the United States that have certain racial backgrounds should be included. It is not a prejudice issue or a form of discrimination. It is national security. And as long as it is done in a respectable manner no one should fail to comply. A national ID card should be voluntary until its usefullness is proven.

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