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Position Statement:  The Declaration of Independence was written based on Biblicial principles.

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The Declaration of Independence is a call to action that we must resolve to obey. Tyranny unchecked will only grow. Our Federal Government is OUT OF CONTROL. It has usurped it`s intended role and limits placed upon it. The time has now come for restoration of our Constitutional Republic with new limits on the reach of government. Constant attacks upon our God-given rights occur daily. Our property rights, our pursuit of happiness is diminished daily. Our Rights as a property owner are virtually non-existent. We have no control over the land IF A CORPORATION OR BUSINESS wants the land for profit. IT WILL BE TAKEN. The courts have violated the Constitution to the point where it is not even a defense or valid argument. That is why I declared it is time to RESTORE OUR REPUBLIC.
Of the 55 men that signed the Declaration 52 attended Christian churches. As a Presbyterian, I am proud to say that at least 11 were Presbyterians. The Declaration was based on the Word of God. This nation was founded based on the principles of religious freedom. Not the elimination of religion. The sacrifices of those men were for our freedoms we enjoy today. That is why I have promised to devote my life, my resources and my honor for the people of the United States of America. That statement comes from the writings of those brave men. ...we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor. And I intend to give my devotion to this country as they did so, more than 200 years ago. Should we not hold our elected officials today to the same high standards?

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