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Position Statement:  China is a threat to our national security and can not be trusted.

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American companies are eager to send our jobs to China. The Chinese cannot be blamed for taking them. Instead, we need to stop the outsourcing of jobs from America. China is a great nation that is rapidly developing into a powerhouse. Unfortunately, it is at our expense.
We can not under-estimate the threat China will play in our national security in the coming years. Their intent to replace the U.S. Dollar as the world`s currency will devalue our money hurting the people of America. Leadership must weigh the advantage of doing business with China versus the disadvantages. I personally, don`t trust their leaders. Conflicts over natural resources will increase the potential for aggression on their part. The South China Sea has already witnessed their disregard for other nation`s rights. China needs natural resources and any co-operation we provide only makes them stronger at our expense.

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