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Position Statement:  Nope that is not a typo. I support Democrats.

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The majority of people I know, including most of my family are registered Democrats. I believe their party has let them down but I intend to serve all West Virginians. Democrat, Republican, Mountain or any other political party. The Democratic Party is still the largest party in West Virginia and to serve the citizens best, party issues have to be set aside. The issues we are facing are too great to let politics get in the way. The vast majority of people I know are registered Democrats. In fact, most of the people on my committee are registered Democrats. Well at least they were. Together Democrats and Republicans should work to make West Virginia a better place. I hope registered Democratic voters will consider which candidate is best suited to serve our state for the NEXT 6 years. Senator Byrd has served this state well, but his time has past. IT'S TIME for new leadership. And with the Congress and Presidency Republican controlled only a Republican Senator will be able to fund the highway projects we need to create jobs. Working with the President will benefit West Virginia more than fighting him every step of the way. I encourage Democratic voters to keep an open mind and to elect the candidate that will serve them best in the coming years. Senator Byrd deserves our respect but IT'S TIME to elect new leadership for our future. Someone that will build on his accomplishments and take the state forward to new heights.
The Democratic Party leadership has abandoned the principles upon which it excelled. The Left has overthrown common sense. Democratic voters continue to hold out hope that their leadership will right this ship. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party like the Republican Party have become two sides of the same coin. And neither truly represent the PEOPLE. I believe our future is AMERICAN, and does not lie within the Democratic or the Republican parties. Only by rebuilding our relationship with our Father in Heaven can we as a nation regain what we have lost. Only God can make America great again.

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