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Position Statement:  I supported additional funding for our teachers and state employees. A raise was long past due for all of them. We not only need to ensure the funding is there, but look to the future when additional raises can be given without the need for a strike. West Virginia needs a long term solution not a quick fix. For PEIA and for state employee compensation.

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I sent 17 of my 21 years of education in West Virginia. I graduated high school here, went to college here and my education here in West Virginia was good enough to be accepted to Optometry College. While attending the Southern College of Optometry, I not only graduated in the top third of my class, I was also the Student Government President and inducted into the Gold Key Honorary Society for Leadership. I know the value of an education.
A strong America begins with a strong Education. In order to create the jobs America needs, we must provide the very best education possible. Computer skills need to be up to date and comprehensive as possible. While no candidate has probably ever run opposing education the real question is, which candidate will do MORE for education? My mother worked in the Monroe County school system for 23 years. My sister is a retired school teacher. I have two chldren in public schools. I know many teachers, principals and school personnel that provide this valuable service to our community. My great aunt, Bessie Wallace, once asked me Which job is more important? Being a doctor or being a teacher? As a practicing eye doctor I knew better than to answer that one. Her answer was that doctors could not do what they do without first having teachers! She was a retired school teacher and my second grade teacher at Greenville Elementary School. And she is right!

IT'S TIME we return the education of our children back into the hands of the professionals. Our teachers and school personnel. They deserve our support and as Senator I will give them my full support.

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