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Position Statement:  According to Forrester Research 'about 830,000 US Service Sector jobs will move abroad by the end of 2005'. That is 830,000 MORE JOBS LOST. Will yours be next?

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I believe we need to take action immediately to stop the outsourcing of American jobs. Senator Byrd has not taken action to stop the outsourcing of our jobs. IT'S TIME to elect someone who will stop the outsourcing of jobs and create jobs here in West Virginia.

As Americans we all have choices to make. If we really want to save jobs here we need to start reading the label. What does 'Made in China' really mean to you? Lower cost? Yes, but at the expense of American Jobs. The label should read 'Another American job LOST'

What should be done to stop the outsourcing of jobs? You can start today. Read the label and only buy products made in 'America'. The largest retailer in the United States has made a fortune for its owners by buying 'Made in China' products. We must stop buying them if we want to keep jobs here. The choice is really simple. You can have cheap prices or you can have good paying jobs. Please consider this: You have probably taken a pay cut because of the loss of jobs. So are we really saving money by buying cheap imports? NO. Instead, we should work to lower the cost of doing business here in West Virginia so companies will 'outsource' their jobs HERE. IT'S TIME to bring jobs to West Virginia not send them to China.

Let's do some math. If the average worker was making $20,000 per year. Times 830,000 jobs lost = lost payroll revenue to the national economy of over $16 Billion Dollars. That's enough to pave a lot of roads in West Virginia! But we are not done yet. What will those 830,000 people do? Some will find other jobs. Some will draw unemployment and some will go on welfare. Not only are we losing tax revenue, economic revenue but it COSTS us more as some become welfare recipients! You know who is going to pay for that? You and I. Ok, so you are saying that the company is going to save a lot of money so that should help offset the losses? Right? Wrong. Who profits the most when a company profits? The CEO, President and 'fat cats' are the big winners. Some profit might trickle down to the economy through additional dividends. But most of the 'savings' goes one of two places. In the rich mans pocket and the rest goes overseas to pay the wages for the jobs outsourced where they will be looking to outsource MORE JOBS and the spiral downward continues. IT'S TIME to stop outsourcing.

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