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Position Statement:  I support One Nation under God.

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I support One Nation under God. Of the 55 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, 52 were in some way religious men. The Declaration was based on about 22 biblical principles that the men felt were being abused. The very foundation of this nation is based upon God. And I do not think we should turn our back on the very God that made America the greatest nation on earth.

This country is so concerned about everyone and their individual rights that we overlook the rights of everyone. The majority of people would like to see prayer return to our schools. But a few would be upset. So the majority is denied prayer to keep a few happy. Yet the number of violent crimes in our schools are increasing? Wonder why????

Immigrants want to come to this country because of our freedoms. Yet, we restrict ourselves to serve them. Instead, I propose that immigrants and minorities learn to accept our rights. The right to pray if we chose to in our schools, the right to speak one language and not to have to listen to 2-3 different languages on every phone call. This IS One Nation under God. If you don't like it, then there are plenty of nations without God where you can live!

If our country must stop thanking God for his blessings then we at least should stop blaming him for natural disasters when they occur. Insurance companies use the excuse 'acts of God' to restrict coverage. If we decide to remove God in our country we should remove that restriction. Can't have it both ways. God Bless America.

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