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Position Statement:  Americans are facing several serious problems that need immediate attention. The future of America depends on the course of action we select now.

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Global warming will cost our economy billions of dollars in the coming years. Health care costs are rising faster than what people can afford. The number of un-insured is rising placing a burden on community hospitals. The outsourcing of our jobs to overseas countries is putting Americans out of work. Terrorism threats are just beginning as some here in the country question our purpose in protecting the world from evil. Land is so valuable that farmers can not afford to farm their land anymore. Food comes from foreign countries with limited safety standards enforced. Hospitals are not capable of handling a biochemical attack. The headlines tell of the impending problems facing our great country. But is anyone listening?

America has faced problems in the past and has always come together to serve the greater good. I have faith that together we can resolve these issues if we want to. Global warming will have a increasingly greater impact on our financial stability. The government can not afford to pay recovery costs for the increasing number of natural disasters due to global warming. Some claim we can not afford to pay for the changes needed to stop global warming. I say we can not afford NOT TO. The cost to our economy and to our citizens will be much greater if we wait.

People do not like to hear bad news. So these issues are best kept quiet. No one wants to talk about them just hoping it will not happen. IT'S TIME to elect a Senator that is willing to speak out. As you read about the issues and my position, you will learn that I will speak out. America is to valuable for me to remain silent. Your vote will determine who you trust to serve the best interest of this country. Will it be one of the experienced politicans running against this campaign, that have not solved these problems? Or someone that is willing to attack these problems before they get worse? IT'S TIME to elect Zane Lawhorn to the U.S. Senate.
Wow! It has been 13 years since I posted this and look what has happened to America!

Nothing has been done to address ANY of the problems we faced in 2005 when I ran for the U.S. Senate. NOT ONE. Congress and the rest of the Federal Government has FAILED the PEOPLE. Now, we face multiple threats to our very existence as a nation. The greatest of which is the GREAT DECEPTION that has befallen our people. Out of this we will witness the bankruptcy and collapse of our Federal Government and I say GOOD RIDDANCE! When that time comes Patriots will be able to create a new nation that is better and stronger than ever before. I eagerly look forward to that day.

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