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Position Statement:  I support election reform.

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I support election reform to allow other Political parties to have easier access to public office. It is very difficult for other party candidates to run for public office. With the growing number of voters registered in other political parties it is time to allow easier access. I support limits on spending for candidates. The current election process encourages candidates to spend, spend and spend. In fact, the odds of winning the U.S. Senate increase as the level of spending increases. So what happens is simple: candidates are encouraged to spend money to be elected. Then we ask them to be prudent with our tax dollars! Instead, we should ask them to be prudent with campaign funding equally among candidates. The candidate that can win the hearts of voters and stay under budget will be more likely to be prudent with taxpayers dollars. You have to wonder why incumbents that raise a lot of money need to do that? Have they not served their citizens well enough to be re-elected? As a first time candidate I am learning the election process first hand. And I appeal to the other political party voters to consider supporting my campaign and together we will work to reform the election process for a more fairer system.
We need a fair and equal system of elections. PAC and large corporations have the upper hand and the people are the real losers.

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