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Position Statement:  A large percentage of crimes and the cost to taxpayers related to these crimes is due to drug abuse.

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The Opioid crisis is the hot topic today. The tragic lost of life is heartbreaking. Like many families, our family lost a beautiful young lady to a drug overdose. The tragedy has lasting effects. Recent studies have proven that opioids are not effective enough to be worth the risk.

The illegal use of drugs is not the only problem. The legal prescribing of drugs is an epidemic in itself. Statins are poison and need to be re-evaluated. Ibuprofen increases a person`s risk for heart attacks. Tylenol, a common pain medicine in almost everyone`s medicine cabinet can damage the liver. The American health care system needs to become proactive instead of reactive. I am the only candidate that has experience on all 3 sides of the health care issue.
If we could reduce the illegal use of drugs then the cost to taxpayers in life, property and court/prision cost would decrease considerably. The legal system has tied the hands of our law enforcement agencies making it difficult to protect society. We can t even defend ourselves when provoked in many cases. IT'S TIME to give our law enforcement officers the freedom to catch criminals and for the court system to prosecute them. By increasing the penalty for the transportation, manufacturer and distribution of drugs we can reduce criminal activity. Released drug abusers should be monitored for drug activity on a regular basis.

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