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Position Statement:  West Virginia needs quality jobs NOW.

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Senator Byrd has had 48 years to create jobs in West Virginia. While he has created a few jobs and I respect him for that. It has not been enough to grow our economy. The population in West Virginia was 1,860,421 in 1960 right after Senator Byrd took office. In 2000, the population was 1,808,344 over 50,000 less. Why would anyone want to leave West Virginia?


In order to get a good paying job people have to leave the state. After 48 years we still have less people in West Virginia. One out of every six has no health insurance. About 60% of jobs in West Virginia have no benefits.

Creating jobs for West Virginia and America will be a top priority when I am elected. Infrastructure projects creates jobs. According to the Department of Transportation for every $1 Billion dollars spent on infrastructure approximately 47,000 jobs are created. I intend to obtain 5 Billion dollars worth of infrastructure projects for West Virginia. How? As a businessowner for over 20 years I know what it takes to make a major purchase. One way is to cut out fat somewhere else, such as foreign aid. I intend to not only obtain the funding but I will find a way to pay for it first! And without raising taxes or the burden to taxpayers. Senator Byrd is the ranking member of the Appropriations Committee, yet he has been able to obtain only limited funds for projects in West Virginia. Only a Republican could obtain the funding needed now with the Senate, House and Presidency controlled by Republicans. IT'S TIME we create jobs in West Virginia by electing a Republican Senator. I intend to be that Senator.

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