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Position Statement:  Whether you agree with the war in Iraq or not, is not what is important, we must support our troops and finish the job.

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Weapons of mass descruction do exist. The continued war in Iraq proves that the invasion of Iraq was the right choice. A hard choice. But the right choice.

No one likes to lose a loved one and I know the feeling. Two months before my best friend was murdered in Beirut in 1983 by terrorists, he wrote a letter. His letter stated 'Zane you wouldn't believe the methods they have over here to kill people and I can't wait to get home'. One of those methods brought him home in a flag draped casket. As painful as it is, the war of Iraq is justified. However, my opinion on the issue is not what is important anymore. The support of our troops is what is important. Proper funding for supplies, equipment and whatever they need is all that matters. I support our troops and will continue to support them no matter how tough it will get. And I expect it to get tougher because the U.N. is no help. America is the only nation willing to pay the price to stop the murderers. They say they want us gone? They are why we are there! Stop murdering innocent people and we would have no reason to keep our sons and daughters there. We want them home and they want to come home. The only thing stopping them is terrorism. America must continue to support the President on this issue. IT'S TIME to elect a Senator that will SUPPORT the Commander in Chief.

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