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Position Statement:  I lost my best friend to terrorist acts.

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The fight against terrorism must not stop. President Bush has taken the lead in this war and I support him. While other national leaders stand by and watch, our President has taken the initiative. My best friend died defending the freedom of people in a foreign land. And here at home. His sacrifice will not be forgotten. IT MUST NOT.

Terrorists will stop at nothing to kill Americans. An innocent child will not stand in their way. They justify their murder as HOLY but no God especially the one true God, would want the innocent to die. They are cowards hiding behind their religion. I support the war against terrorist because I know it must not stop till it is finished. Our safety depends on it.

The war in Iraq is not a war against a civilized army, but a war against criminals out to murder anyone who does not believe as they believe. Disagree and you are a target. Americans belief in equal rights and freedoms go against their blood-thirsty desires. We must continue the fight where they are and any nation that harbors them is an enemy of freedom. My friend died doing what he knew was right and now 22 years later the fight continues. I will not let him down. IT'S TIME to elect a Senator that will support the troops and our President during Americas time of war. I intend to be that Senator.

Senator Byrd wrote a book attacking our Commander in Chief and President. During a time of war this was in-appropriate and a blackmark on a stellar career as a statesman. It sent the wrong message to our troops. Senator Byrd may have lost America but I intend to FIND AMERICA by being elected to the U.S. Senate. The return of moral values to America is a top priority for my campaign. God made this great nation and we can not turn our back on him now in our hour of need.

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