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Position Statement:  Criminals should be punished for their actions and the punishment should fit the crime.

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Law enforcement officiers should be given the tools and support to catch criminals. The legal system should support their efforts without making it more difficult. The punishment for a crime should be reformed to suit the best interests of the victim and the taxpayers. More funding is needed for equipment and salaries for local and state law enforcement agencies.

A large number of crimes are related to drug abuse. Our new church van was completely destroyed by fire to cover the theft of a $100 CD player. Why would anyone destroy a $25000 van for $100 CD player? DRUGS. Drug abuse is a serious crime and IT'S TIME to reduce the amount of drugs available in this country.

The right to protect yourself should be given to every individual. When a person enters your home, auto or property without permission, you should have the right to defend yourself. Why should the courts charge you with a crime? Someone breaking in your home is there for a evil purpose, whether they are carrying a weapon or not. How can you trust them? Laws in some states want you to 'trust' that they will not harm you. That's stupid. Plain and simple. Americans should have the right to take whatever steps are necessary to stop aggression. without trying to flee first. When criminals learn that they can be blasted for entering your home they will think twice before trying. Maybe that is why the crime rate is lower in West Virginia than in areas where the law protects the criminal?????? Most every home in West Virginia has a person or two that knows how to use a weapon. Criminals had better take notice.

West Virginia had over 5,000 inmates at the beginning of 2005. Some counties are having problems paying for the Regional jail costs associated with housing inmates. Overcrowding will allow some criminals more freedom when perhaps their crime shouldn't allow such freedom. IT'S TIME to elect a Senator that will work to resolve these ongoing problems.

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