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Position Statement:  I support legislation that will improve hospital reimbursements and funding sources.

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Hospitals can not operate unless they are profitable. In 2003, over half of the hospitals in West Virginia lost money. Uncompensated care for uninsured patients cost over 400 million dollars. With terrorism threats a reality we must fund our hospitals adequately. Hospitals must be ready when and if the time of a terrorist act occurs. The number of beds available are grossly inadequate for a widespread biochemical attack. Hospitals need to have adequate funds to plan for such a need. Unfortunately, our government will wait till after an attack to form a committee to form a committee to look into what might have went wrong.......

I believe we need to establish regional hospital networks that can adequately serve the patient needs of a biochemical terrorist attack. I do not support hospitals making people rich from their profits. Instead, select hospitals that are regulated should be adequately funded by federal resources to be prepared in the event of a terrorist attack. For example, the eastern panhandle counties would be ideal location for a regional bioterrorism hospital network to service the Washington, DC area.

Hospitals must be profitable enough to provide adequate nursing, equipment and other services that our aging population will need. As the baby-boomers age the burden on our health care system will bankrupt some hospitals. That can not be allowed to happen. IT'S TIME we elect someone who will work to PREVENT the loss of life before we have to wait on a recommendation from a committee. I support our hospitals. I support our nurses. I support our doctors. Quality health care through adequately funded hospitals is a crisis in this state. Already, patients in border counties travel outside the state to receive medical attention. The continued loss of quality physicians and the in-ability to recruit high quality physicians is an immediate crisis with long term consequences. The trick will be to adequately fund hospitals without increasing health care premiums. I have some ideas on how that can be accomplished but I am also listening to feedback from practicing physicians and health care providers.

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