Issue:  Separation of Church and State

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Position Statement:  I support the separation of Church and State, because I do not want the government ruining our churches.

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The separation of church and state was intended to keep the government out of the church. NOT to keep the church out of the government. George Washington openly professed his faith as did the vast majority of the founding fathers.

When I leave home in the morning should I leave my faith behind? Impossible. I believe we need more people with faith in our government. Just as George Washington openly professed his faith our President George W. Bush professes his. I profess my faith as well.

The church should have influence in the government of this country. The Founding Fathers used the Bible as a basis for the forming of this country. The vast majority of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were church going individuals. But no specific church was given any power over the government. That was not their intent. Instead, they wanted the government based upon christian church principles. While it was not a requirement that government leaders attend church it definitely was the majority trend at that time. Individuals can only serve one master. It is impossible to serve two. Either you will serve yourself or others. Faith based individuals are driven to serve others just as the Founding Fathers were willing to serve others. I believe a government composed of non-faith based individuals will have more difficulty serving the needs of the people. I propose that our country return to the moral values upon which this country was based. My campaign is based upon this faith driven goal to Find America.

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