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Position Statement:  I believe we should do the right thing and work to feed the hungry, eliminate child abuse, spousal abuse and pornography.

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The greed and selfish behavior in this country is on the rise. One man refuses to return another man's finger because he is greedy. Another abuses an innocent child, his spouse or a neighbor. The story can go on and on. The fact is that the moral issues facing this country are great. It is time we reform our legal system to protect our citizens.

It is our moral duty to feed the hungry. And help them feed themselves. Why do we sit on our couch watching TV and complain that nothing good is on? when we could go to a local charity and make a difference? My family enjoys going to the local Heaven Sent Ministry's Food for Children packing facility to package food. We need to do it more often. Yet thousands of children die each day due to the lack of food. Why not include this type of program as a community service project for low aggression type of crimes? Instead of putting a criminal in jail at taxpayers expense, make them attend a local charity organization like the Food for children and package food for a specified time? Or, some other type of community service? Flood victims would probably welcome some help cleaning up. Most charity organizations would welcome some free labor and the best part is it doesn't burden the taxpayer.

Spouse abuse is a sad issue to discuss. I know of individuals that have had their lives taken by a spouse. The pain never goes away for the family and friends who have lost a loved one. We must do more to help prevent the loss of life and the abuse from a spouse. I don't have the answers to solve this problem, but we must work together to find the solution.

Pornography on the Internet has got to go. If consenting adults want to access pornography on the Internet I have no problem with that. It is their decision and their moral issue. But, when my daughter innocently browses the Internet and comes across blatant sexual content, it makes me mad. I intend to reform the Internet to make this not only a severe federal crime but also to provide funding for law enforcement agencies to catch and prosecute these criminals. I believe they should be punished severely. If they reside outside of the U.S. then restrictions will be placed on those countries that do not cooperate. For example, IP addresses from a country that fails to cooperate or has significant pornography content will be blocked. Completely and permanently to U.S. residents until the issue is resolved. The businesses in that country will complain and be affected until the issue is resolved. If they want our business they will remove the pornography. Plain and simple. IT'S TIME we stand up and do what the Department of Commerce has failed to do. Protect the American people.

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